Panorama Classic Triathlon 2005

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The Panorama Classic Triathlon was my first triathlon. Distances included 500m swim (indoor pool), 30 km bike (hilly course), and 8 km run. My times were: 61/294 8:06, 172/289 1:05:30, 112/289 37:07, finish 126/289 1:50:43. Hmmm... have to work on that bike time a bit more, but the other two were pretty good for a first try.

For the pool swim they have 5 people per lane per heat. I took off fast at the beginning (blue cap).

Getting ready for another pass.

T1. The slower of the two transitions.

Off on the 30 km bike ride (2x15 km loops)

T2. The faster transition. Pull off the cycling gear, throw on the runners.

Wobbly feet at the beginning of the run!

Approaching the finish line.

After the race.

Relaxing near the finish line with red licorice.
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