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Rogers pico cellA Rogers pico cell in Pacific Centre Mall. They are the same size as a typical cell phone antenna and stick down from the ceiling. Newer picocells are usually white and look like a small upside-down traffic cone sticking down from ceiling tiles. At present Rogers is using these black antennae in Pacific Centre; other providers (Microcell Connexions, Telus, Bell) are using white cells. You'll have to look closely at the ceiling to find them, but once you do you will be amazed at how many have been scattered throughout the mall.

Pico cells are often placed in areas where there is poor penetration from outside macro cells (lower floors). Cells may also be strategically placed outside stores that sell cell phones so that potential buyers experience clear calls. Most major malls have pico or micro cells in the food courts if there is poor macro cell penetration from outside.

Georgia Street Level (Top Floor)
Georgia Street Level

  • This upper floor still has relatively good penetration from outside macro cells so there are relatively few here
  • Rogers has placed their black pico cells in three locations on the south side of the mall -- the north or Atrium side has excellent reception due to the glass roof.
  • Rogers cells are using paging channel 330.

Dunsmuir Street Level (Middle Floor)
Dunsmuir Street Level

  • Likely the most crowded level of the mall and few macro signals reach this level. Several pico cells have been placed on this level for Rogers, Telus, Bell, and Fido customers.
  • Telus/Clearnet PCS cells are using PN offset 078
  • Microcell PCS cells (Fido) are using CID 052

Howe Street Level (Bottom Floor, Food Court)

Howe Street Level

  • The food court level. Relatively good signal penetration from the glass roof. Rogers has placed three cells around the food court.

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