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Map Richmond East
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Burnaby South and New Westminster

North Delta

Ladner & Tsawwassen
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Separations on Telus PCS locations are the PN offsets; see the Telus PCS Field Debug Page for more information
Numbers on pink backgrounds indicate Microcell's tower prefix numbers. See the Microcell CID FAQ for more information
Numbers on orange backgrounds indicate Mike's paging channels.
Rogers analog micro cells on left and right of Stay'N'Save sign right above front entrance (baby blue colour). Good hiding job!
Microcell repeaters at both entrances to tunnel. North entrance repeater is on a wooden telephone pole behind the weigh station. South entrance is also on wooden telephone pole immediately before starting decline into tunnel.
Unknown site in grey: a new tower has been constructed on Burrows Road just east of No. 6 Road in Richmond. It is a large red and white tower with navigational beacons on top. There is a fairly large trailer at the base. Credit: Brendan McCullough.

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