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Telus PCS/Mike towersHelp map out the cellular transmission sites across Canada. I can't find them all and several of the sites listed on this web site come from users like yourself. I accept site submissions for anywhere in Canada EXCEPT for the Greater Toronto Area/Golden Horseshoe. Picture submissions are also more than welcome. Some of the map pages now contain pictures so that cell hunters know what they should be looking for at a particular location. Pictures may be used on the map pages and/or in the cellular locator database. Fill out the form below to submit a site. Be descriptive as possible and if you are having problems narrowing down what type of site you have found, then please review the Cellular Identification page.

You may also check the Canadian Cellular/PCS Site database at http://geckobeach.14u.org/ and you may submit sites automatically via this location.

Alternatively you may post your sites via email through your browser (e.g. Netscape mail, Outlook, etc.) using the older form below.

1. City or Area
Strait of Georgia
Other BC Location
Ontario (excluding GTA)
Maritimes (excluding Halifax)
Other Locations

2. Site Specifications
Provider (select one or more)
Cell Type
Mobility analog
Mobility 800 MHz PCS
Mobility 1900 MHz PCS
Rogers analog
Rogers 800 MHz PCS
Rogers 1900 MHz PCS
Macro Cell
Micro Cell
Pico Cell
Multiple configuations
Not sure
Building Roof
Hydro Tower
Telephone pole
Telus PCS
Telus Mike
Microcell PCS (Fido)
Not sure
Several antennas at this location; I have not been able to determine all providers.

3. Location
Give cross streets indicating which corner (NE, NW, SE, SW), address, building name, or other relevant information. Latitude and longitude may either be from a GPS unit or alternatively you can submit a positional URL address from Mapblast.

Latitude: Longitude: (from GPS unit, in decimal degrees)

4. Site Description
General description of site and antenna structures (e.g., colour, placement on building, identification markings on equipment, etc.).

5. Test Mode Information
If you know how to put your phone into test mode, enter your test mode information here.
Mobility/Rogers AMPS paging channels:
Mobility PCS CDMA PN Offsets:
Rogers tdMA paging channels:
Telus iDEN (Mike) channels:
Microcell or Rogers GSM cell ID (give tower and cells):
Other test mode information:

6. Other Comments

7. Your Information (all fields are optional)
Cellular Provider:
If everything checks out and the site has not been previously identified, then your name will be listed on the appropriate site map page as having identified the site. If you DO NOT want your name listed then check this box:

8. Submit

Hit the submit button ONCE to submit information. Thanks!

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