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Nokia 6620 Review
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The Nokia 6620 was released for sale in Canada in early spring 2005. It is a GSM tri-band world-phone (800/1800/1900 MHz), which means it will work just about anywhere in the world. It is sold by Rogers Wireless in Canada and Cingular/AT&T in the US. Both versions were tested.

Review written by ejohan.
Original publication date: 20 May 2005.

Nokia 6620Dimensions & Design

The first thing I noticed was how large the screen is on this phone -- it's HUGE. Coming in at a good 65k of colours, this phone has one of the better screens I have used. It is comparable with most 200k screens on other phones.

The design is quite unique. You either love it or you hate it. A lot of people thought it was an ugly egg, but I didn't mind it at all. My main complaint was the key size. You had to be careful where you placed your thumbs and dialing without looking was difficult.

The phone takes a MMC card, which goes in the back of the phone next to the SIM card slot. This allows you to add extra memory up to 256MB (I had trouble adding a larger card). You can use that to store files, MP3's, pictures, or what ever you feel like.

The two phones I tested varied in durability, although they were both manufactured in the same plant in Brazil. The AT&T one had a loose back battery cover, typical of a lot of Nokia phones. The newer Rogers one did not have this issue.

The VGA camera was pretty decent. The pictures looked quite good (for a camera-phone) on both the device's screen and the computer screen.

Sample Pictures:

Coverage and Reception Quality

As I mentioned earlier, this is a tri-band GSM world-phone (850/1800/1900mhz) that will work not only within North America, but also in almost any other country in the world.

The phone was able to pick up signal fairly well in weak areas, about the same as the Motorola V300 I had. It still struggled behind my Nokia 3595, the RF king.

Sound Quality

The phone's incoming and outgoing sound quality is actually quite good, but somewhat quiet on the incoming side. This issue is a little better when the phone is running on the Fido, T-Mobile or Cingular networks.

Wireless Data, Web Browser, Email & Organizer

This phone supports CLASS-4 EDGE, which is the current standard for data on GSM-based networks. Using the web browser on this device for HTML was quite annoying. It does not appear to work with Java or JavaScript. If you use sites designed for a mobile phone, such as ones that support WAP or WML, the phone browser is really quite good.

The email client was very good on this phone. Although it uses up data which could be quite costly, it can be handy if you need it on the go.

The organizer also worked very well.

There is an almost unlimited number of 3rd-party applications available for this phone... just search for "Nokia Series 60" programs on Google, and you can see for yourself.


With moderate use, the battery should last about 2-3 days.


This is a good device for someone who wants a good mixture between a personal organizer and a phone. It has a great email client and WAP browser. It's a great phone.

© 2005 Eric Johannsen / ejohan (ejohan[at]cellphones.ca). All rights reserved. Posted on GeckoBeach.com with permission. Article may not be altered without the writer's consent.



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