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Dominica is an island found in the eastern Carribean and is not the same country as the Dominican Republic, which is located near Cuba. This island is one of the very few left that lacks any major tourist facilities and as such makes it a wonderful place to explore. Roseau, the capital, also has a docking facility for cruise boats, however it is not a major stopover point. Dominica also hosts the annual Dominica Dive Fest in late summer and for a week the island becomes flooded with divers.
Most flights to Dominica route through St. Lucia or Barbados. There are two airports on the island: the one at Canefield can handle larger aircraft, but you are looking at a US$50 taxi into Roseau. Roseau has a little airport carved into the side of a mountain, but can only handle little (12 passenger) flights. I seriously was awaiting the parachute to deploy while landing at Roseau.
Downtown Roseau. Mostly two story buildings, small offices, stores, and the occasional chicken wandering around. Dominica received its first American fast food place in 1997 and KFC wrappers were the main litter source in the downtown area.As this island is extremely hilly, there are no long cars or trucks as they could never make the common hairpin turns. Many of the trucks/mini-buses are colourfully decorated.Typical landscape of this island. Lots of hills and relatively little flat land make building things, such as the airport in Roseau, really interesting.
Dominica is primarily rainforest and boy does it rain! In return for many brief downfalls of rain you get beautiful rainforest foilage.White waterfall. On the hike to the Boiling Lake I came across this milky-white stream. I also came across a couple of pure black water streams as well. All due to the volcanic activity on the island.The Boiling Lake. A grueling seven hour hike through the rainforest. By law you must hire a local guide, and beleive me, several people will introduce themselves to you as guides. Guides are not cheap -- expect to pay US$60-120 per day. Your transportation costs are usually extra.
View from the Pallipote Wilderness Retreat. The little take away place in the bottom right makes the best callaloo soup.Dominica's Saturday market. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies and not much else. Animal products aren't really a major staple of the Carribean diet, with the exception of the occasional chicken or fish. Meat is often imported from the southern US and is served primarily to tourists.Up on the northern end of the island you can hire a boat to take you into a river that looks just like the Amazon. At the end there is a bar where you can buy overpriced drinks.
More rainforest scenes.Part of Dominica holds the Carib native reserve. This is one of their huts near the side of the road. I distinctly remember being in the back of a taxi and looking out the window at some rather interesting plants growing in the ditch and up the enbankment. You can guess what they were.Dominica's national bird, the green parrot. Also found on their flag.

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