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This trip was taken in June 2002 as part of a conference that I attended in southern France. Places visited included Paris, Montpellier, and Barcelona, Spain.
Notre Dame, as seen from across the riverStreet musicians and artists are everywhere in Paris. Not bad either!Notre Dame, seen from the front. Lots of tourists!
Merry-go-rounds are really popular on streets and in parks and they're not that expensiveHenry and Lorna ride this old two story merry-go-roundMany streets are narrow and one-way. Be very careful to watch your footing in Paris streets as dogs tend to leave goodies behind for you to step on. This is an ongoing problem in Paris
White asparagus. Well, I thought it looked a lot like something else.The Moulin RougeThe Arc De Triumph. Use the underground passageway to get there as crossing the roundabout is next to impossible. You can pay to climb to the top to get a better view
These are a couple views from the Eiffel Tower. To avoid the lines at the base pillars, buy a ticket and walk to the second level then buy a ticket on the second level to travel to the top. If you can avoid weekends, then all the better.View of the grassy lawn next to the tower on a sunny weekend
Some typical street scenes. In this case the Metro runs above ground, but it is tastefully integrated into the street sceneOne of the tastefully decorated entrances to the Metro at Blanche stationArtists are everywhere and you can get your picture drawn
Another street. Lots of wide sidewalks and traffic isn't that badRoudin's museum and the outside gardens -- very niceRoudin is of course famous for 'Le Pensevr' -- the Thinking Man
Le Musee d'Orsay was once an train station and is quite spacious and airyLots of space to wonder around and look at famous paintingsSome of the rooms have beautiful lighting and paintings throughout
A nice carved polar bear in the central portion of the museumThis would be Whistler's MotherThe Louvre. One huge museum that would take days, if not weeks, to go through. Don't even think about trying to cram it all into one day and if you really want to see it all, spread it over a few days
It only took us 10 minutes to find the Mona LisaHuge rooms and huge paintings throughout the Louvre will give you a very sore neckThere's a nice park near the Louvre where you can escape. There's also amusement rides there to cool down
A well-preserved tuthmosid obelisk sits at the foot of Champs d'Elysées. You'll find some more of these on my Egyptian pageFrom the obelisk you can look down Champs d'Elysées to the Arc De TriumphTime to hide a Geocache. This is the view from the 'Paris Views for Free' geocache, located on the top of a department store.
Huge tourist ferries run the canals for people to see the sightsThe Metropolitan features a little rabbit that warns people not to put their hands on the doors since they might open or close suddenlyMore geocaching. This micro cache film canister was hidden in a cemetery under a park bench (note the white clip)
Children eat creme glacée in a small parkOff to Montpellier now. This is the first class compartment of the TGV (Train de Grande Vitesse).Gare de Montpellier (Montpellier train station)
Montpellier features a huge square in the centre of the city called the Place de la Comédie. This square is always filled with lots of activity, seeing that the city has a large student populationVendors set up outdoor shops in the morning near the square and sell fresh veggies and clothing
Yumm.. fresh olives. I'll need to pick up some gin later to go with themAs part of the conference I attended, there was a Gala dinner at a ranch outside Montpellier. Part of the entertainment including bull chasing.
Bull was also on the dinner menu. No, not the same bulls that were chased.Our table after dinner. Everyone was well stuffed and there was lots of nice wines
There was dancing after dinner and everyone kept trying to figure out if the band was French and playing Spanish music or Spanish and talking French when they weren't playing. Well, we where quite close to the Spanish border, so who knows.Well, yes more geocaching. This is my Montpellier cache hidden at one of the universities about a 20 minute walk from the Place de la ComédieOf course Montpellier is on the Mediterranean coast and the beaches had a lot of nice scenery

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