Indonesia 2005

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This trip started in Jakarta, Indonesia after visiting Thailand for a week. We flew from Jakarta to Bali and then I flew from Bali to Yogyakarta and then took the train from there back to Jakarta. This trip happened about five weeks after the latest Bali bombings, so there weren't too many tourists around. Several of the places I visited in Bali and Yogya (Borobudur) showed signs of recent terrorist acts.

Motorcycles carry just about anything.

Puppies for sale on the street.

Freshly dyed threads.

Wax is collected in an instrument.

The wax is then drawn on the fabric to define the batik pattern.

Stamps can also be dipped into wax to create batik patterns.

To enter temples you must cover your legs with a sarong.

Smart individuals bring their own along to avoid a sarong rental charge!

The rules. Note the spelling and rule #3.

Inside the temple.

Rice paddies terraced up the hillside.

Houses next to the paddies.

Rule #1 concerning vendors: never look at them or what they are selling. Rule #2: never touch the product.

Gunung Batur volcano. Note the black areas from a recent lava flow.

Fruit stands line the roads in Bali.

Monkeys cleaning each other.

Vines to the sky.

Monkeys climbing the stairs.

This was my outdoor shower for the last couple of nights in Bali. Pretty neat to have a shower out in the open!

Fresh coconut milk to drink.

The coconut milk stand.

The swimming pool was much nicer than the beach.

The beach during low tide.

These colourful boats take tourists on rides. Sort of like an outrigger with an extra float.

Todd and me play a large game of chess.

Now in Yogyakarta and this is the Buddhist Borobudur temple.

Carvings in the rocks of the temple.

Students from a nearby school that came to the temple on a friend trip (and asked tourists questions to practice their English and French).

View from the top.

More students asking me questions in French!

East of Yogya there's also the Hindu Prambanan temple.

Reconstruction of one of the temples.

Mimosa sp. grows wild in the grass. This common house plant is sold in North America as the "Sensitive Plant". The leaves fold up when you touch it.

The Bird Market in Yogya has many unusual birds, like Barn Owls.

Rabbits for sale in the Bird Market.

Live bird food. Yummy!

Pigeons. The free ones are weighted down on their backs so they can't fly away.

Female woodpecker.

Pigeons are carried on the back of a motorcycle.

More live bird food.


Part of the Kraton in Yogya.

The Water Castle south of the Kraton.

My birthday dinner: a large pizza (that's as big as they come in Indonesia), a beer, jackfruit, mango, chocolate bar, and snake skin fruit.
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