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The ocean infront of our house for a week in Bucerias

Typical street in Bucerias, complete with the Gecko Pub

Bucerias town centre

Central square in downtown Bucerias. I hid a cache here

During the dry season people tend to park their cars in the river?!

Fresh torillias for dinner

Todd and Nancy prepare the dinner for tonight

Can we eat yet?

We did a diving trip to Los Arcos National Marine Park

Bonnie exclaims that the 45 minute boat ride was very rough, but once you were in the water things were much better

About an hour north of Bucerias there is a small fishing village called Punta del Mita. I have another cache hidden here.

Boys fishing near the breakwall

Some of the fish that they caught

Horses waiting for tourist riders

A live puffer fish that was having some difficulty with its swim bladder
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