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Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Lots of German influence makes this city look quite modern

Waterburg National Park features 'Organ Pipes', just like in Tasmania

The Hoba Meterorite is the world's largest and is over 80,000 years old. I hid a cache here.

Off to Etosha National Park. This is one of the many watering holes that you can visit to view wildlife

Lots of Zebras

More elephants!

Our Safari truck with Karibu Safari

At the Okaukuejo campground in Etosha there is a tower you can climb for a better view

Springbok are very common

A Kudu

Adult Oryx and babies

Etosha has both natural and artificial watering holes. This is a natural one

A Kori Bustard

A Flying Banana

Lion hiding under a tree in the hot sun. Taken with a 400mm lens

Wildebeest at rest (or is that a hartebeest?)

Zebras at an artificial watering hole. Note the hyena on the right

Hyenas are very strange looking predators

Hyenas are gone and the zebras are more relaxed when they drink

It's mid afternoon and the Elephants are coming to the watering hole to drink, cool down, and socialize

All other animals leave the watering hole when the elephants arrive

Hello, I think I met you at this watering hole a while back

Lion cubs crossing the road at sunset

Some parts of Etosha are flat pans with very little vegetation

This is a very famous watering hole in Etosha that always has something exciting going on. I also hid a cache here.

Night shots using ISO 800 film to capture a rhino at the same watering hole

A giraffe waits until it is safe to drink

And more elephants

Off to Palmwag in north-west Namibia

The landscape here is much different and it is quite dry

I love this lemon-green colour of the grass in Namibia

A bushwalk through an area with iron rocks

Resting after a long walk

We came across a fresh Oryx kill, but all that was left was a couple of horns plus some hair and blood

A Welwitchia, a tree that is 1500 years old with only two leaves

Off to Damaraland, where the landscape changes again

Cool round rocks

Sunset over Damaraland

At Twyfelfontein you can visit historical rock art. I was busy hiding caches here as well.

More rock art

Cape Cross on the coast is a famous seal colony

And boy does it ever smell bad!

Swakopmund on the coast is quite a pretty town that has some German influence

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. We saw a green flash here

The Desert Moon Valley -- quite neat!

More strange desert plants

Remote bush camp with no facilities

Solitaire, a remote place to stop for some of Moose's delicious apple crumble?

Not much rain and quite high temperatures

Most of Namibia is dry dusty roads cut into the desert

The world's highest sand dunes are located in Namibia at Sossusvlei, we started out by climbing this baby dune which only an hour to get to the top!

Lots of neat shapes and they are always changing. The average dune moves about 2cm a year

The next morning it was off to the big dunes. A two hour walk was required to reach the dunes from the car park, a mere 2km away. The morning light gave wonderful contrast to the dunes

Just to give an idea of scale here, there are people climbing up this dune on the sunny side. Of course in this web-reduced image they are only a couple of pixels high

Up to the ridge of the dune is no easy task. This makes an excellent aerobic and strength workout!

Top of the dune ridge

Well you have to get down off the dune, which involves running down the 45° side. Top to bottom in this picture is 90m and only took a few seconds

Neat patterns in the sand

After the dunes we went for a hike up a small hill and watched the sunset

Our last night of camping included a hike to a small natural pool

It was very hot, so had to go for a swim with the giant tadpoles in the water

Yeeahh, last night in a tent! 4.5 weeks is too long to go camping

The group from the second tour back in Windhoek

The final sunset
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