Thailand 2005

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My second trip to Thailand. This trip was part of three weeks in South East Asia in November/December 2005. Most of the time in Thailand was spend on Ko Lanta (South) Island, about 90 minutes south of Krabi.

We flew from Vancouver with Singapore Airlines, but had a stop in Korea to take Asiana to Bangkok.

Todd investigates some mango and jackfruit while waiting for the ferry.

One of two car ferries that go to Ko Lanta from Krabi.

I don't think I'd want to use one of these lifejackets!

Ah, my hut for the next week and the hammock on the porch. Not bad for about C$20/night!

Inside was pretty basic with two beds, mosquito netting, fan, and bathroom.

View of the hut from the outside.

Restaurant on the beach at Relax Bay.

Off to three days of diving!

First dive of the day on some reefs.

Safety stop on the way back up.

Fan coral.

That's me!

Lionfish -- don't touch!

Big sponge!

Sea urchins. Don't touch these either!

Todd after his first open ocean dive.

Imeldia happy after diving.

Tanks ready for the second dive.

In the back of the Songtau the next morning for more diving.

Doing the pre-dive briefing.

Ack! Triggerfish chasing my fins!!


The highlight of any dive trip -- MANTA RAY!

This one reef actually had three Mantas!

Baby Manta.

Happy after the Manta sighting!!

Typical roads in Ko Lanta.

Hammocks are everywhere at Relax Bay.

Amelia gets a hot oil massage.

Com'on Todd, smile!

Elke goes for the traditional Thai massage -- about C$8.50/hour!

Relax Bay is located on a private beach, so very quiet and no vendors.

My room guest that would always visit after my shower to splash in the water.

Next to the bar on the beach. Yes, that is a bed on the beach.

Night shots of Bangkok while overnighting enroute to Indonesia.
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