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We spent four days in "jolly olde" before heading south ... mostly in Oxford. Here we're taking a walk with Lorna, Bonnie's cousin-in-law.

It is a peaceful, buccolic place, especially along the Thames.

Another shot of the Thames, lined with houseboats.

Once you get out of the city, there's lot of farmland and grazing areas.

A cute houseboat, moored there permanently?

Ah yes, beware of those dangerous ducks ... in this case, the renowned ferocious english mallards!

The walkway along the river.

Punting, anyone?

One of the many ubiquitous pubs in Oxford. This is the Bear pub, one of the oldest in town.

Found outside the pub.

The Bodleian(sp?)

Inner courtyard of the Bod

More walking about the city.

One of the colleges which doubles as Hogwarts in the HP movies.

More walking about.

View from Henry/Lorna's flat.

Home sweet home, in front of Warnborough Rd flat.

Very nice well-to-do house in town.

Visits from the two resident cats

Steve makes quick friends with the furry felines.

Lorna and Henry (guess which is related)?

Lorna and Henry's flat in Oxford.

Buck House.

Lots of visitors.

Steve digs for his GPS to assess the possibility of a nearby Geocache.

Near Big Ben.

The Millennium Eye (no, we didn't go on it at £40!)

Canada House in Trafalgar Square -- Home sweet home away from home with free internet!

The Double-Decker bus from Oxford to London (Steve took this picture for the mobile phone antennae on the right)

Great hall of the British Museum.

Don't these artifacts rightfully belong in Egypt??

This was near the Elgin Marbles (not much "British" things in the British Museum!)

Time for a little Geocaching at Godstow Abbey (cache is under the rock on the right).

Posing near the cache

The Trout Pub might be a good place to stop for a pint?

A thatched roof, not a common site in North America!

Henry and Steve imitate the road sign.

Time to stop for a spot of tea in Oxford.

It seems that almost all the travel pages on this site have to have at least one dog picture.

Oxford scenery.

More scenery.

The houses are so close together, not a common sight for North Americans!

What is a "Humped Zebra Crossing"? We're not in Africa... yet!

And I thought our 'Cookie Cutter' houses were bad...
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