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Recent phone reviews: LG 125, Motorola RAZR V3c, LG 2000, LG 325, Nokia 6620, Motorola V635.
There's a new cellular coverage map available for UBC.
Read the new article: Choosing a VoIP (Internet Phone) Service Provider.

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News and recent site changes:

18 Dec: Updates to the Telus Mobility opinion page.
18 Dec: Updates to the Rogers opinion page.
18 Dec: Updates to the Fido opinion page.
08 Sept: New marine coverage map for Bella Bella.
08 Sept: Changes to mobile roaming pages to reflect discontinuation of roaming numbers by both Telus and Bell.
08 Sept: Updates to both pre-paid and monthly plan rates.
08 Sept: Updates to the Virgin Mobile opinion page.
08 Sept: Rogers Pay-As-You-Go now offers US roaming, although it is expensive at $2.50/min!
10 August: New Telus 800/1900 CDMA/AMPS sites in Skidegate, Sandspit, and Masset (Queen Charlotte Islands). This area, previously with no cellular coverage whatsoever, will now allow people on Alaskian cruises and mariners to stay in contact via their cell phones.
05 August: New Telus 800 CDMA/AMPS site in Bella Bella, British Columbia. The install of this site brings all new coverage to marine traffic between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert. (Thanks Connie S for the details!)
16 July: Removal of Telus 511 roaming number from roaming pages.
28 May: Updates to the Nokia 6185/8 debug screens (thanks Dean Hoisak).
27 May: Updates to Roaming Numbers.
27 May: Updates to both Central Saanich and North Saanich maps.
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