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From January to March 2003, I participated in an Australian research cruise to Antarctica. The primary focus of this research cruise was to investigate the dynamics of the Antarctic krill species, Euphausia superba. These three pages of pictures focus on what life is like on board a research cruise and some of the science activities that were done.
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A couple of days out of Mawson Station a 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' masquerade party is held. Everyone gets to make a mask of their face.Priscilla is an Australian movie and you must dress appropriately to attend the party. Pud tells people to stay away since his fingernails are still drying.Catherine's mask.
So's mop hair, mask, and plastic coatAlice comes as a lizard with a very blue tongueShinsuke's bikini top
Finally we arrive at Mawson station and tie up to the Polar Bird to do a fuel transferAfter the fuel transfer we get out our acoustic calibration lines to do a 2 day calibration. This is the calibration team.Pud introduces yet another possible solution on how to string three lines under the ship, this only took 12 hours to finally achieve!
Mawson in the morning.Finally I get a chance to get off the Aurora and head off to my seventh and last continentMawson is a collection of various buildings and has been a research station for over 50 years.
Wildlife! Here an Emperor penguinThese are Adélie penguins
Seals 'sun' themselves on the ice. Well it is warmer than the water at -1.5°C.Good morning Mr. Seal, would you like some coffee?Welcome to the accommodation building at Mawson -- sign in please. The dog is stuffed and once many years ago sled dogs were used at Antarctic bases to transfer people and supplies around.
The pay phone booth. Calls to Australia are only 75¢ per minute and international are slightly more.The messAnd of course the bar where they serve more than just 2.8% beer. Many people from the ship spent several hours here after a month on a diet of 3 light beers a day.
Mawson has a library and full internet connectionsAccommodations are shared, along with the washrooms.One of the older huts has the ceiling tastefully decorated with centrefolds from the 70's.
The Hag is a tram vehicle that is excellent in ice and snow.Here I pose in front of the Hag, in a tank top/singlet of course.The Hag goes up a glacier and everyone gets out to walk on the slippery ice.
So pretends to be a seal on the ice.The three graves at Mawson, the Aurora, and Mawson in the background.Ethel poses for a picture behind a bust of Mawson.
The famous signpost at Mawson has distances to various places around the world. The closest for me was Vancouver at almost 18000 km away. I also hid my Penguin Dance geocache here.Many people bring animals and other stuffed toys and sit them on the rocks to claim that they have been to Antarctica. Here Paul poses with his babies.It's summer in Antarctica and the edge of this ice flow is slowly dripping away.
Guess it's time to head back to the ship.
Brian and John hold containers of live krillEach krill is molting and the molts will be collected to measure the IGR (Instantaneous Growth Rate)Finally the krill and acoustics work is finished and we celebrate in the voyage leader's cabin with champaign and chocolate.
Humpbacks are spotted. Quickly the FRC (Fast Rescue Craft) is put in the water and heads off to the whales.Vic takes aim with his crossbow. On the end a sharp dart will remove a plug of skinThe plug of skin for biopsy work
After the krill work was finished we held a head shaving event. Various people offered to be shaved and everyone else sponsored them with pledges that go to Camp Quality, an Australian charity for kids with cancer. If you weren't having your hair cut, you had to show up with something done to your hair.
Ruth, Al, and Katrina pose. Both Al and Katrina are wearing tea cosies.I decided that I would fashion a mop into a nice head of hair.Some more interesting hair styles.
John and Alice.Maya decides to raise money by offering to dye her hair blue, but it comes out green.An auction is held to see who is willing to pay the most to shave someone. So is the first victim shaved by Gerry O'.
David shows up wearing matching socks and shoelaces. Quick get a picture since this is a rare event indeed.I bid highest to shave David's head. He calls it revenge since we have been working together on the acoustics for over a month.Our voyage leader has an interesting reaction at the end of his shaving.
Steve N. decides to take the first cut from Andreas' neck to his chin. I think this was revenge as well.The finished victims and about $2300 raised for Camp Quality.Later in the evening I decide to do a hair swap with Bonnie. Which hair style do you prefer?
Time to do a voyage t-shirt. Alice works on her entry here.The selected back of the shirt done by AliceAnother excellent design by Shannon.
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