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From January to March 2003, I participated in an Australian research cruise to Antarctica. The primary focus of this research cruise was to investigate the dynamics of the Antarctic krill species, Euphausia superba. These three pages of pictures focus on what life is like on board a research cruise and some of the science activities that were done.
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Disposable cups to most people. Oceanographers see them as something else and hours are spent colouring cups before they are attached to the CTD on a 4000 m castThese are the cups after they have returned from 4000 m depth. Compare to the original size in the backgroundRumour has it that Catherine is getting married in 27 days, so she is dressed up like a bride one night
Les (the captain) gives Catherine his blessingOur voyage leader, who is slowing growing back his hair, offers a few words of adviceThis was a private function, females only, but you were allowed in if you dressed like one. If you tried to crash the function and don't met the criteria you quickly found out the consequences... which I did.
Folk dancing is held in the bar on an irregular basis and is always fun when it is extra rough outside. David and Shannon dance to music while everyone else clapsAlice and PaulTonight's group, very exhausted... Mim, Catherine, Peter, myself, Bonnie, John, Alice, Shannon.
Prior to our arrival at Davis Station, the voyage leader opens his famous wine cellar for one last celebration of another successful scientific cruise.And of course there are nice snacks to go with nice wineA few speeches are made along with several toasts
The three Canadians on board: myself, Stéphane, and JulieWan, Mahadi, and SazlineAndreas, myself, Maya, Bryan
Tradition dictates a visit from King Neptune for those that have not passed over the Antarctic circle before. Kiss the king's foot, answer a few questions, get smeared with Vegemite, kiss a fish, etc.The no talent night and the tropical slumber party a couple of days away from home
Kat and myself blow bubblesSunrise over the southeastern tip of Tassie. Smell those trees and a beautiful sunrise as wellA few hours from the pier and people all over the ship are talking on their mobiles. I just kept admiring the sight and smell of the eucalyptus trees
Lots of baggage is piled up on the heli deck for offloadingThe civilization of Hobart at last!Lots of people came down for the ship's arrival

I'd love to share more, but designing these pages does take a lot of time. Hopefully you enjoyed these pages.

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