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This page is actually a compilation of three different trips to Tasmania...

My flight leaving from Victoria on 27 Dec 2002 with connections to Hobart, some 27 hours away... and then to Antarctica

A brief stop in Hawaii allowed a little stretching

Flying into Sydney noted downtown, the bridge, and the Opera house

This shot notes Bondi Beach in the lower half and Manly in the upper. See the Australia 2000 page for more pictures!

Hobart has a lot of older homes in the downtown region

Hobart's waterfront

In late December Hobart hosts the annual sailboat race from Sydney to Hobart

Standing infront of the winning vessel for 2002

Lines used for rigging

During late December, Hobart hosts the 'Taste of Tassie', where the whole city becomes alive and the waterfront hosts wine tasting and lots of entertainment

Looking south onto Salamanca and to downtown

On Saturdays in Salamanca there is a huge outdoor market where you can buy just about anything

Fresh veggies

Baby carrots

Hobart has a nice cycling trail that runs northwest from downtown. Remember to ride on the left

View from Mt. Wellington. This is where you could find my Organ Pipes cache

Neat bushes

Tassie has a lot of rainforest with tree ferns, such as in Mt. Field National Park

Rainforest waterfall

Patterns in the tree bark

View onto Wineglass Bay, on one very wet day

Kelp mixed with sea foam

Bonnie poses next to the second oldest bridge in Australia


Neat flowers

Stuffed penguins for sale at Hobart's "Antarctic Adventure", which closed down in November 2003

In southern Tassie you can visit the "Airwalk", that lets you walk through the trees. You can also find my Airwalk cache here

Not a good place for people that don't like heights!

Fishing in central Tassie. The orange smoke is from a bushfire (=forestfire) across the lake. There's yet another cache of mine hidden near this location

Drinking beers was a lot more successful than our fishing attempts!

An ecinda -- sort of like a porcupine

Close-up of the spines

"So", the proud father...

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