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From January to March 2003, I participated in an Australian research cruise to Antarctica. The primary focus of this research cruise was to investigate the dynamics of the Antarctic krill species, Euphausia superba. These three pages of pictures focus on what life is like on board a research cruise and some of the science activities that were done. Please select from the following pages:

Aurora Australis over Mawson Station, Antarctica, late February
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Page 1
Hobart Departure
Catch of the Day
Sunsets and the Green Flash
Muster Stations
Krill Trawls
Page 2
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Acoustics Calibration
Antarctic Wildlife
Mawson Station
The Hag
Krill IGR
Whale Darting
Hair Shaving
Page 3
Polystrene Compression Study
Hen's Only
Folk Dancing
VL's Thank You
King Neptune
Home at Last
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