Cowichan Challenge Triathlon 2005

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This triathlon was held just north of Duncan, BC and included a 1000 m lake swim, 34 km bike (hilly course and a steep hill that I hit a new maximum speed of 72 km/h), and a 9 km trail run (lots of hills, rocks, and roots). My times were: 49/137 19:35, 43/135 1:11:29, 41/134 42:42, finish 40/137 2:13:46. I was much happier with the bike time compared to the Panorama Classic Triathlon a month before and I was also happy with my run time. The swim was another story since I was one of the few not using a wetsuit (good for warmth and also makes you a lot more buoyant). I finished 4th in my division (M35-39).

Just before the gun.

Mass start in the lake. It sure wasn't fun the first 100m or so.

Out of the water -- cold!


Off for the bike portion. Hope for no flats!

Returning about 71 minutes later.

Off to do the run. Wobbly feet again, but I'm learning.

Approaching the finish line.

At the finish line.

It's finally over!

My 4th place ribbon.
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