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Wireless Articles
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Some articles about wireless services.

* Overseas Roaming
If you live in Canada or the USA, find out what you need to know to use your phone while overseas.
* VoIP Services
What is VoIP (internet phone) and what you need to know prior to signing up for VoIP service.
* The Japanese Cell Phone Market
Learn about what features Japanese providers are putting on their cell phones and how the Japanese cell phone market works.
* Contracts: Should I Sign?
Pondering over signing a contract? Find out the advantages and disadvantages.
* Should I Drop My Landline?
Thinking of dropping the landline and using a residential cellular line? Find out if you're ready.
* Surfing Without Wires:
A Guide to Wireless Data

Learn about how you can connect your laptop or PDA to your phone for wireless data and what the future holds for surfing directly from your cell phone.
* Establishing a Wireless Network
Learn about how a wireless service provider establishes a new network.



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