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Frequently Asked Questions
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These are some of the more common questions received by email. If you have a question that you'd like answered then why not post it on GeckoBeachForums.com?

  1. Why does this web site exist?
  2. Which provider do you recommend?
  3. How does cellular work?
  4. There's so many handsets to choose from, so why do you only review a few?
  5. Do you have the service unlocking code for my phone?
  6. What's the difference between Mobile, Cellular, and Digital PCS phones?
  7. Can I choose an alternative long distance provider on my cell phone?
  8. What is a SP-lock?
  9. I purchased a phone on eBay. Why can't I use it?
  10. Why don't you provide rates or opinions on other Canadian or US providers?
  11. I travel between the USA and Canada several times during the year. What are my options for inexpensive roaming?
  12. What recommendations do you have to keep your cell phone bills down?
  13. I have unresolved issues with my provider. Where can I vent these?
  14. Just how many people visit this site?
  15. Can someone track where I am if my phone is on?
  16. Why make maps of transmission equipment locations?
  17. Why are there no maps for Montreal, Edmonton, Seattle, etc?
  18. My friend's cell phone works in a certain location but mine doesn't -- why?
  19. Will many more cellular towers be established in the near future?
  20. How do I use the Microcell tower locator numbers on the maps?
  21. How do I use the Debug Mode on my Telus Mobility Sony Phone?

There are also two additional FAQ pages: How to interpret the cellular equipment maps and the Cellular antenna ID guide.

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