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Bella Bella Prince Rupert
Map of Northern Vancouver Island
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Strait of Georgia
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Dash polygons indicate coverage areas of each provider. Tests of coverage shown on this map were last conducted in November 2005 (Strait of Georgia) and June 2006 (West Coast Vancouver Island) using various hand-held phones on all networks in an outdoors environment. Coverage areas may vary somewhat with different equipment types, special antennae, or within buildings or ships. Telus Mobility AMPS/CDMA in blue, Rogers AMPS/tdMA/GSM AT&T in red (although there will be variations in coverage between GSM and tdMA) and Telus Mike iDEN in orange. Bell Mobility AMPS/CDMA phones will roam on Telus.
As of May 2004, Telus Mobility has installed towers in Quatsino Sound, offering 800 MHz CDMA digital services. Note that there is no analog (AMPS) fallback on these new installs. Telus is the only provider to offer service in this remote area.
A cellular phone is not an acceptable substitute for a marine VHF transceiver, especially when visiting remote locations and inlets. Cellular phone users can reach the Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centre by dialing *311 from your cellular phone (this number valid only in BC). Coast Guard can also be reached at *16.
Red numbers indicate Rogers SID areas. Use these numbers to determine your local calling area.
From Pine Island north to Alaska: Telus has one tower in Bella Bella as of late July 2006; CityTel Mobility offers AMPS/800 CDMA in Prince Rupert. Telus Mobility has a roaming agreement with CityTel.
Queen Charlotte Islands: No cellular coverage is provided anywhere on these islands. Visitors to Langara Island on the northwestern point of the QCI may be able to pick up cellular signals from Alaska. Excellent marine cellular coverage is available along the Alaskian Panhandle.

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