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CityTel Mobility (SID 16460) is the ONLY provider in the Prince Rupert Area. CityTel is the only independent city-owned telephone company in B.C. and as such they offer all the local telephone, cellular, and internet services that Telus would normally offer in other places.
Telus Mobility and other Mobility customers may roam on CityTel's AMPS or 800 CDMA network. Microcell customers (e.g., Fido) should note that there is no roaming agreement with CityTel and as such they will not be able to roam in analog mode.
CDMA phones that do not normally roam on the CDMA 800 MHz 'B' band can be forced to camp on the cell sites by dialing *22801, which will put you into roaming digital service. Note that you still cannot make or receive calls, but you can obtain network information.
CityTel towers have been marked with Telus colours: there are two combined digital/analog sites (Highlander Inn and a monopole located on a ridge west of the Industrial Park). Citytel operates three additional sites: one on top of Mt. Hays (AMPS only), one located on a small distribution silo just SW of the Prince Rupert Grain Terminal (AMPS only), and a CDMA omni-directional site at the Grain Terminal.
Thanks to CityTel for verifying some of the tower locations on this page.

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