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Left: Rogers PCS cells at Haro and Bute

Right: Telus Mobility/Clearnet PCS cells at Haro and Bute

Left: Telus Mobility/Clearnet and Microcell cells (Microcell visible here) at Denman and Davie

Right: Telus Mobility/Clearnet PCS (on side) and Mike (on top) cells at Robson and Gilford

Left: Telus Mike (left 2 cells) and Telus Mobility/Clearnet PCS (right cell) on Sandman Hotel, Georgia and Cambie

Right: All providers have their equipment on this elevator shaft, 75 Water Street

Note that the two West End Telus Mobility (ex-Clearnet) PCS (Davie and Denman, Gilford and Robson) locations were wired incorrectly -- both should be rotated by about 120 degrees clockwise.
Pacific Centre Mall is filled with pico cells due to both network traffic and lack of macro cell penetration into the lower levels. There is now a walking tour pico cell map for Pacific Centre

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