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Nanaimo South Strait of Georgia

Strait of Georgia
Chemainus to Nanaimo South
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Malahat to Chemainus
Southern Gulf Islands

North Saanich

Central Saanich

Saanich West
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Malahat tower services primarily Central Saanich; Mount Newton tower services Malahat traffic. This is due to the high placement of both towers.
Rogers SID boundary is just north of Chemanius. Calls made south of Chemanius are toll-free to Victoria. Calls made north of Chemanius are toll-free to Nanaimo.
Red numbers indicate Rogers analog paging channels.
Clearnet PCS coverage currently extends as far south as the Nanaimo airport. You may pick up stray PCS signals between Ladysmith and Chemainus from the repeater in south Nanaimo. Clearnet will likely co-locate PCS cells on the Mike/Rogers/Telus site in Ladysmith.
Microcell has installed a very strange repeater at the Duke Pt. Turnoff (see the Microcell pictures page) of which half repeats off their tower in Cedar. Thanks to Ken Cooke for spotting the site in Cedar and he receives one pint at the Crow and Gate Pub (which is next door to the tower) complements of GeckoBeach.

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