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North Saanich

Victoria/Nanaimo Corridor
Map of Central Saanich
Map size is approximately 9.1 km x 10.2 km
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Saanich West and Saanich East
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Numbers on pink backgrounds indicate Microcell's tower numbers. See the Microcell CID FAQ for more information
Microcell tower just before Keating X Road turnoff on northbound side of Pat Bay Highway (Glidden Rd) houses Microcell PCS cells on top rack, old Clearnet PCS cells (now Telus) on the middle rack, Bell Mobility on the bottom rack
Large green monopole about 500m north of NW corner of Mt. Newton is Telus; Bell Mobility has cells on chimney of Quality Inn (Waddling Dog Inn) that are covered in a brick-like material, yet these are clearly visible from the highway.
Microcell cells on Environmental monopole in Saanichton, about 1.8 km from Glidden Rd tower. Interesting configuration with 3 cells above and 2 below hydro lines. This is a repeater site with feed from the Willis Pt. repeater and both repeaters feed off the Glidden Rd site
Microcell repeater at Willis Point Fire Station, Saanich Inlet. This tower services Brentwood Bay and Butchard gardens

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