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Central Saanich

Saanich West
Map of Saanich East
Map size is approximately 9.2 km x 7.9 km
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Victoria / Oak Bay
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Separations on Telus digital locations are the PN offsets; see the CDMA Field Debug Page for more information
Numbers on pink backgrounds indicate Microcell's tower numbers. See the Microcell CID FAQ for more information
Small Telus, Rogers, and Clearnet SMR analog cells appear on the ridge between Quadra and Maplewood in a residental zone. Unable to determine which site belongs to each provider
Cadboro Bay Rogers, Telus, and Microcell customers are served by cells on Vantreight Island. See the Victoria map to see where Vantreight Island is located. Microcell customers in the Cordova Bay area MAY pick up the VoiceStream tower on San Juan Islands (note if your display says Fido or VoiceStream). Roaming on this tower has been BARRED.

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