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My Comments on Rogers
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Rogers offers relatively good analog and digital services throughout Canada, providing services in all major cities and towns and along most major highways.


Rogers uses several different frequencies and technologies to deliver wireless services across Canada. These include 800 MHz AMPS service (analog cellular, but hardly used anymore), both 800 and 1900 MHz tdMA (digital cellular, but quickly being phased out), and their new 850 and 1900 MHz GSM network. New phones sold by Rogers these days are exclusively dual to multi-band GSM. A multi-band phone gives you better access to international networks outside of North America, but likely at a higher purchase price.


Rogers' rate plans are the same for both analog and digital services. Rogers' offers several plan variations, including regular monthly plans, additional phones that share one plan, family plans plus business plan. Rogers' does vary their plans somewhat between provinces, primarily with respect to airtime allotments on lower priced plans.

PAYG ad Pre-Paid Plans

Rogers also offers the 'Really Simple Wireless: Pay As You Go plan'. This is a cellular phone that you buy pre-paid airtime cards for and when the airtime on the card is used up, you buy a new card. Pre-paid phones will work anywhere in Canada where Rogers has service. One other nice feature with Rogers' digital services is that you can use your own tdMA or GSM phone on their 'Pay as you Go' plan. You have to buy the phone and pay a connection or activation fee.

The Connection Between Rogers and Fido

Rogers purchased the Fido network in 2004 and continues to market the Fido product line separate from the Rogers line. Rogers and Fido phones generally now use the same cellular tower sites, although Fido phones are more restrictive to what towers (or digital footprints) they are allowed to communicate with. If you are considering both Fido and Rogers phone, realize that it is the same company marketing two different products and where the Fido product is generally cheaper, it is generally restricted to urban centres only.


Overall, Rogers targets their cellular and digital products at large and small businesses and casual users who would like a cellular phone. Their packages start at $20/month. You may need to sign a contract to obtain the rates listed above. Note that Rogers' GSM phones are locked and cannot be used with other GSM providers, but you can use an unlocked phone on Rogers GSM with the purchase of a SIM card for $25.


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