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Roaming Numbers
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When a cellular phone is outside its home area, it is considered to be roaming. Roaming numbers may be used to contact a cell phone while it is roaming and minimize long distance charges. Providers rarely advertise that they offer roaming numbers since they lose potential long distance income.

To call a cellular phone that is roaming in your area, dial the corresponding roaming number. After you hear a second dial tone or a series of beeps, enter the area code and number of the person you wish to contact (total 10 digits).
Generally, Telus, Bell, Aliant, and other Canadian Mobility roaming numbers will often contact the phone, regardless of where the phone is relative to the roaming number. In this case, the cellular phone account will incur any long distance charges from the roaming number location to the cellular phone location.
Although Rogers' offers roaming numbers, Rogers' customers CANNOT use these numbers! Visitors from the U.S. roaming on Rogers' network may use these numbers while roaming in Canada. Customers using Fido may use their voice mail access numbers to leave and retrieve messages free of charge (but these are not truly roaming numbers -- these access numbers may be used to obtain your voice mail from another city or for someone in another city to leave you a message without incurring a long distance charge).
NOTE: As of 30 June 2006 and 30 August 2006 Bell and Telus respectively DISCONTINUED use of their Canadian roaming numbers and the use of the 511 roaming-to-roaming access features. Therefore numbers given on these pages will likely no longer work for phones using Bell, Telus, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, Fido, etc.
*British Columbia *Alberta
*New Brunswick*Nova Scotia
*Prince Edward Island*Newfoundland
*Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

* Telus US Numbers (includes Telus AMPS-B/CDMA; may work with other AMPS-B and CDMA phones)
* GeckoBeach's Roaming Number Database. Currently has Telus listings (CDMA, AMPS) for Canada and the USA plus Bell listings (CDMA, AMPS) for Canada. Type a partial city name in the box to obtain the roaming number.

Partial City Name:

Some of the Rogers' links below use pop-up windows which may not appear if you are using software that prevents pop-ups. If you wish to print these windows then hit Ctrl/Command P.
* Rogers US Numbers (includes AMPS A&B and some tdMA; may work with some CDMA and GSM phones)
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* Rogers Mexican and Caribbean Numbers: Page 1 | Page 2 (includes AMPS A&B)
* Telus' Guide to Roaming
* Rogers' Guide to Roaming: Page 1 | Page 2 | International AMPS roaming
* Article: Overseas roaming for North Americans

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