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Territories Roaming Numbers
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Please see the Roaming Page on how to use these roaming numbers and for listings of other Canadian provinces, US states, and Carribean countries.

Other provinces: B.C. | Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba | Ontario | Québec | New Brunswick | P.E.I. | Nova Scotia | Newfoundland | Territories

NOTE: As of 30 June 2006 and 30 August 2006 Bell and Telus respectively DISCONTINUED use of their Canadian roaming numbers and the use of the 511 roaming-to-roaming access features. Therefore numbers given on these pages will likely no longer work for phones using Bell, Telus, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, Fido, etc.
Note that Mobility roaming numbers will often contact the phone, regardless of where the phone is relative to the roaming number. In this case, the cellular phone account will incur any long distance charges from the roaming number location to the cellular phone location. Rogers roaming numbers do not locate the phone, unless the phone is within the area that the local roaming number serves. Please note that Rogers no longer allows its customers to use their roaming numbers, however international visitors may use these numbers while roaming in Canada. Microcell (Fido) has voice mail access numbers only -- no roaming numbers. These access numbers may be used to obtain your voice mail from another city or for someone in another city to leave you a message without incurring a long distance charge.
International/American Visitors: CDMA customers may use either the Telus Mobility or Bell Mobility numbers (depends on who is the preferred roaming partner, you'll have to try both to find out); tdMA and GSM customers may use Rogers numbers (GSM customers must be roaming on Rogers and not Microcell/Fido).

City Telus MobilityRogersBell MobilityMicrocell
Cellular Access*
Whitehorse(867) 668-7626
(867) 668-7626
Yellowknife(403) 920-7626
(403) 920-7626
Iqualuit(867) 975-1999
(867) 975-1999

* Cellular Access
Used only when subscriber and roamer are in same mobile service area. Bell/etc Mobility customers can dial 511 or #511 instead of the Roamer Access Number for that area.


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