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This page includes a number of other articles and links that just didn't fit anywhere else on the site.
*GeckoBeach in the News
GeckoBeach has been featured in many media sources. Read about some of them here.
*Telephone Memories
Read about some of my landline telephone memories

All sorts of cells above the Shoppers Drug Mart on Dunbar Street in Vancouver
* Assorted Pictures
A bunch of different pictures and graphics collected over the years for this site.
* Steve's Personal Homepage
Find out more about me on my personal homepage
* IHateTaxis.com: An International Travelers' Transportation Guide
GeckoBeach's sister site that launched in October 2009. Like GeckoBeach, IHateTaxis.com provides consumer information so that travelers may make informed decisions on transportation options anywhere in the world.
* My Travel Pictures
Some of my online photo albums from travels to all seven continents.
* Gecko Digital Design
GeckoBeach.com is designed by Gecko Digital Design.
* GPS Geocaching
Another strange hobby that uses a GPS to locate hidden 'treasures' around the world.
* That Tree looks so Fake!
The ultimate merging of two hobbies, GPS geocaching and cell tower hunting. Some very neat pictures of fake trees and cacti!

Odds & Ends

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