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GeckoBeach has been featured in several media sources. If you found out about this website from a media source that isn't mentioned below then please let me know.

*GeckoBeach featured on CBC Marketplace
GeckoBeach was featured on CBC's Marketplace for consumer information about purchasing a cell phone and plan, 23 January 2005.
*GeckoBeach mentioned on CBC Morning Radio
GeckoBeach was mentioned on CBC's Business Network, Thursday 27 November 2003. Listen to the clip here.
*GeckoBeach mentioned in Toronto Star
GeckoBeach received a mention in a article entitled "Beware cancellation fees when switching cellphones" in the Toronto Star, 22 November 2003. This is the online version of the feature.
*GeckoBeach featured on Breakfast Television
GeckoBeach was featured as a segment of Vancouver's CityTV Breakfast Television, Tuesday 18 November 2003.
*GeckoBeach featured in Vancouver Sun
GeckoBeach was featured as a full page article in the business section of the Vancouver Sun on Wednesday 17 September 2003.
*GeckoBeach featured in Calgary Herald and The St. Catherine's Standard
GeckoBeach was featured in the Calgary Herald on Tuesday 14 October 2003. A similar article was published in The St. Catherine's Standard on Friday 3 October 2003. This is the online version of the feature.
*GeckoBeach featured in Pacific Yachting Magazine
This was an article on marine cellular coverage and wireless internet access while at sea published in the March 2003 issue. Included publication of the Southern Vancouver Island coverage map.
*GeckoBeach featured on "Shopping Bags" on WTN
GeckoBeach was featured on the TV show "Shopping Bags" during episode 46 in December 2001 on the Women's Television Network. This episode can still be seen on WTN as repeat programming.
*GeckoBeach featured in Victoria's Times-Colonist
GeckoBeach was featured in the business section of Victoria's Times-Colonist in June 2001 for consumer information on cell phones.
*GeckoBeach featured in Macleans Magazine
GeckoBeach was featured as part of an article in a December 2000 issue of the weekly Canadian Macleans magazine.
*GeckoBeach featured in University of Waterloo Newspaper
GeckoBeach was featured in UW's student newspaper as a resource for both facility and students, 29 October 1999.
*GeckoBeach named Hot Site of the day
GeckoBeach was named Hot Site of the day in the Vancouver Province Newspaper, 22 September 1999.
*Steve's Cellular Information Site featured in the Times-Colonist
This site was featured in Victoria's Times-Colonist in August 1998 for issues dealing with cellular transmission towers.

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