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Assorted pictures and graphics from various sources...

One of the first background images used on the title page of this siteA later refinement of the background image in colour. Eventually this became a low-res strip on the side of all pages.Clearnet's frog in a jar ads tried to compare having a landline to someone that couldn't leave his jar.
One of the first Fidomatic ads featured a dog with a key in its back. I thought it was cute.
Assorted Clearnet flowers and plants used in various ads
I sent this magnolia flower to Clearnet, seeing that it seemed to fit the theme of their PCS product.More Fido ads, this time featuring a dog with rum around its neck and a genetically-modified (?) Dalmation.
Peter from Telus Mobility explains the workings of a cell site (Arcadia Park, UBC) during a tour of a base stationTelus' cell coverage of the west side of Vancouver (and confirmation that I had found all their sites)
Testing out my Mike i1000+ with a laptop and data cableTo advertise Rogers' Pay-As-You-Go pre-paid cellular, coupons were distributed in newspapers offering 10 free minutes. Needless to say I made sure I scooped a bunch up.The Nokia 6188 launch was big and still is the phone I use today.
Clearnet changed their themes every few months, but always used animals or plants. The duck is one of the more recent additions.
The other popular addition was the 'Rebate' frog.
Clearnet offered digital services to Halifax, plus a special plan just for the residents of Halifax to try and win customers over.
In 1998, Fido ran a series of commercials featuring people that looked like their dogs. To recruit more potential look-alikes, Microcell Solutions had days where you could visit their Fido stores and have your picture taken for free. Everyone had their dogs and I had a knapsack. The local Fido rep kept asking me what was in the bag and I refused to tell her, but I did keep telling 'Slither' to calm down. She was much relieved when Bunalloo was pulled from the bag.University of Victoria campus days involved me helping the guys out from Picocell.One of the Simpsons episodes featured a cell tower being installed on their roof and the workings for the site being installed in Lisa's bedroom. The company that owned the site was called 'OmniTouch', a combination of real cellular providers 'Omni-Point' and 'Airtouch'. This site didn't even come close to a real cell site, but it was quite hilarious
When Fido first launched in cities they used a dog with some sort of theme. Victoria's was a dog sniffing flowers (above); Vancouver was a dog under an umbrella; Calgary was a dog in a cowboy boot; etc...Rogers ran a short series of monkeys using cell phone commercials in 1998Fido's days, nights, and weekends ads were targeted towards users that should be able to use their phones whenever they want to and not be restricted to plans that gave only free off-peak calling
Clearnet ran a bunch of bus ads in Vancouver, including painting a whole bus with leaves and frogsThe Clearnet pinball game. My conclusion that their web staff had a little too much free time on their hands

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