Record of Site Changes: 1998
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  • Dec.25/98: New cell locations in Vancouver West
  • Dec.15/98: Added BC only roaming numbers list
  • Nov.30/98: Info about Clearnet PCS Victoria area digital services added.
  • Nov.29/98: My Clearnet PCS phone gives time and date stamp and briefly holds digital signal in Victoria. Network is obviously undergoing testing. Digital in Victoria soon!
  • Nov.27/98: Vancouver Tower locations to be added over the next few months. Anyone interested in helping to map them?
  • Nov.25/98: Updates to BC Tel Mobility roaming numbers.
  • Nov.22/98: Redesigned cellular.htm page
  • Nov.21/98: Clearnet PCS mobile tower site, between Victoria General and Trans-Canada, Saanich West.
  • Nov.19/98: Clearnet PCS Hydro tower site just southeast of Quadra Street overpass at Pat Bay Highway, East Saanich.
  • Nov.19/98: Changed organization of directory. This page will now load without a file name: http://www.geocities.com/rainforest/3264/.
  • Nov.18/98: Changes to pre-paid plans, including info on Cantel PAYG and MiFone.
  • Nov.17/98: New rates for MiFone added
  • Nov.16/98: Added Clearnet Field Debug info on FAQ
  • Nov.16/98: Added changes page
  • Nov.16/98: Modified Nokia PCS page
  • Nov.14/98: New pictures on Clearnet page
  • Nov.12/98: Added Nokia PCS comparison page
  • Nov.09/98: Updates to: Fido, MiFone, PCS comparison, and Pre-paid pages.
  • Oct.30/98: Updated PCS comparison tables
  • Oct.28/98: Updated MiFone and CityFone pages
  • Oct.26/98: Clearnet PCS site confirmed: Macaulay North Apartments, Esquimalt
  • Oct.26/98: Added link and info for CityFone
  • Oct.25/98: Clearnet Mike site confirmed: Microcell Tower, Colwood Shopping Centre
  • Oct.23/98: Clearnet PCS site confirmed: Microcell Tower, Colwood Shopping Centre
  • Oct.22/98: Clearnet PCS site confirmed: 100.3 The Q Building, Carey Rd
  • Oct.22/98: Clearnet PCS site confirmed: CanWest Mall
  • Oct.22/98: Clearnet PCS site confirmed: Microcell Tower, Millstream at Trans-Canada
  • Oct.20/98: Second Clearnet site under construction: UVic Stadium (Thanks Izzy!).
  • Oct.19/98: MAJOR SITE OVERHAUL. New pages added and all pages updated!
  • Oct.04/98: FINALLY a Clearnet cell in Victoria on top of North Park Manor, downtown
  • Sep.29/98: Fido now offers pre-paid PCS services
  • Sep.28/98: Clearnet Mike services launched in Vancouver
  • Sep.27/98: Added info about Clearnet Mike launch in Vancouver
  • Sep.27/98: Clearnet PCS site confirmed at UVic
  • Sep.27/98: BC Tel Mobility AMPS site confirmed at UVic

    The original "Steve's BC Cellular Site" was located at http://www.geocities.com/rainforest/3264/cellular.htm and was set up on April 21st, 1998. This was in response to others asking me about the cellular phone I had purchased in December 1997 and the establishment of many new and interesting structures in the Victoria area. On the cell pictures pages under Microcell Connexions you will find the Glidden Road tower site that first got me really interested in how cell phones worked based on a hunch of what this structure was for. At that point I realized that Microcell (Fido's parent company) was trying to place a bunch of new sites in Victoria and they were being met with great protest from residents who didn't want towers in their backyards.

    No changes were recorded prior to September '98, mainly because the site went through a number of updates and the readership was low. I think there was one day in May '98 were I got a whole one hit during the day. After the Times-Colonist article (see the media section), I received a new site record of 53 hits in one day.

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