Record of Site Changes: 2002
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07 Dec: Updates to comparison chart for monthly plans.
07 Dec: Added comparison chart for wireless data services.
05 Dec: Telus CDMA, Waddling Dog Inn, Central Saanich (replaces Clearnet monpole site across the road).
03 Dec: Added review of Handspring Treo 180 (PDA and cell phone combination unit).
30 Nov: GeckoBeach has almost reached 1 million site unique visitors... likely we'll hit this number sometime on December 2nd!
30 Nov: Rogers tdMA only, Thrifty's in Central Saanich. (Thanks Gord Miller)
08 Nov: Added new secrets for both iDEN and Samsung phones
02 Nov: Added my opinion of Zero Gravity, a new Canadian GSM/GPRS service provider
02 Nov: Adding more roaming numbers to the Bell list. If you know of Bell Mobility roaming numbers for your area then please email me the details! (Thanks Hardy Rosenke for the updates)
05 Oct: Bell Mobility is now setting up their own roaming numbers in BC and Alberta. I have a few of these now available and more will be added to the roaming numbers list as they become available. (Thanks Hardy Rosenke for the updates)
30 Sep: Published Newsletter Volume 3, Number 1
27 Sep: Added The Japanese Cell Phone Market article
24 Sep: Updates to the Halifax and Dartmouth maps, including the first spotted Microcell site (Thanks Victor Matthews).
24 Sep: Updates to the Nokia 6185/8 test mode screens, with reference to track site 1X availability on screen 6 (Thanks Dean Hoisak).
24 Sep: New Microcell Connexions sites in Gloucester and Kanata (Thanks Jim Dorey).
10 Sept: Added LG TM520 review.
08 Sep: Added Contracts: Should I Sign? article.
26 Aug: Updates to the Pre-paid plan comparison page with new Fidomatic card rates and per minute billing; Bell Mobility Solo; Telus Pay&Talk; Rogers PAYG rates.
25 Aug: Added Samsung N370 review.
22 Aug: There's a new tower going up on Bear Hill in Central Saanich. A couple of years ago Rogers unsuccessfully tried to establish a new tower on Bear Hill, but now it seems that a tower has been approved. Likely Rogers, Bell, Microcell, and Telus will locate their cells on this new tower to eliminate some of the existing coverage holes in the Elk Lake and Central Saanich areas.
14 Aug: Telus Mobility announces their digital PCS network is now available in New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. See the press release here.
08 Aug: Updates to the Fido opinion page.
08 Aug: Added pictures of Japanese cells on the Asian cellular equipment page.
08 Aug: Telus Mobility now has digital service in the Tofino and Long Beach area.
08 Aug: Bell Mobility's network in Vancouver is now fully functional in Vancouver. If you are using a Bell Mobility phone then you can check your field test mode for their SID of 16420 (Thanks Ed Hsu).
08 Aug: Added the IXO/TAP modem access numbers to the BC roaming page (Thanks Scott Brynen).
02 Aug: Updates to Telus opinion page.
01 Aug: Updates to links page.
17 July: Telus Mike now active in Port Alberni and the Comox Valley (Thanks Brendan McCullough).
17 July: Bell Mobility behind Mac's, 49th Ave x Oak Street, Vancouver (Thanks Ed Hsu).
17 July: Redesigned international cellular picture equipment pages for: Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, and Africa
17 July: Bell Mobility just south of Swartz Bay ferry terminal, North Saanich.
17 July: New pictures for both Telus Mobility and Microcell pages, North Saanich.
03 July: Updates to Telus opinion page.
03 July: Added a few more Bell Mobility sites for Vancouver West and Vancouver East.
26 June: Rogers announces the completion of their new GSM/GPRS network, covering about 93% of the Canadian population. Read the press release here.
24 June: Updates to new rates for Rogers pre-paid plans.
02 June: Bell Mobility at Velox, McKenzie and Gordon Head NE, Saanich East.
01 June: Telus Mobility announces that all new plans activated after 1 July 2002 will be charged airtime rounded up to the next minute, not to the second.
29 May: Added Nokia 8390 review.
20 May: Various updates to pages to support new Mozilla browser.
18 May: Bell Mobility at Pickford farms, Mt. Newton X Road, Central Saanich.
10 May: Bell Mobility installs full macro site at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal (old Clearnet site).
7 May: Telus Mobility has started to remove the non-functional Clearnet equipment in the Victoria area. Some sites, such as the Clearnet site at CanWest Mall have been covered over to Telus Mobility sites, whereas others including the Clearnet repeater at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal has now been removed and will shortly be the home of a full Bell Mobility macro site.
5 May: Bell Mobility monopole, Peden RV, Sidney.
5 May: GeckoBeach is now reviewing its ad hosting services, including the removal of most pop-ups and pop-unders that appear while loading certain pages. If you have any comments then let me know.
29 Apr: Bell Mobility, Millstream at Trans-Canada (co-located with Microcell and Telus Mobility [old Clearnet cells]), Saanich West.
22 Apr: Slightly older news, but on 2 April, Bell, Telus, Microcell, and Rogers annouced that their customers can now send and receive SMS text messages between their networks -- a first for North Amercia. See the press release here.
22 Apr: Updates to Fido page, including two new rate plans.
15 Apr: Bell Mobility, Glidden Rd (co-located with Microcell and Telus Mobility (old Clearnet cells), Central Saanich.
24 Mar: Bell Mobility, just north of CIBC Microcell and Mike installations, Victoria.
24 Mar: Bell Mobility, Fort Victoria RV Park, Saanich West (co-located with Telus Mobility).
20 Mar: Updates to field test mode information for the Motorola v60c.
15 Mar: Noted the activation of the Bell Mobility network in Victoria. Dial *22804 on your CDMA phone and look for SID 16424 in the field test mode (line 1, screen 6 on the Nokia 6185/8 field test mode)
03 Mar: Bell Mobility, Hwy 99 and Hwy 17 NW, Ladner and Hwy 99 and Steveston (Fantasy Gardens), East Richmond. (Thanks E. Hsu)
25 Feb: Site overhaul uploaded, including new logo and sidebars.
25 Feb: Added new international cell pictures for Jordan and Egypt.
25 Feb: Updates to the iDEN secrets page.
13 Feb: Added Fido's new $30 plan to Fido opinion page.
11 Feb: Telus Mobility cell site behind Costco, Nanaimo (no cells yet).
09 Feb: Added a couple more pictures the Bell Mobility equipment pictures page.
04 Feb: Added Fido's business 45 plan to Fido opinion page.
03 Feb: Bell Mobility, Hwy 99 and Hwy 91 interchange NE, East Richmond. (Thanks E. Hsu)
29 Jan: Bell Mobility, McDonald and Broadway, Vancouver.
12 Jan: New pictures added to the Bell Mobility equipment pictures page.
10 Jan: Bell Mobility, hydro tower install along Galloping Goose at Blenkinsop Lake, Saanich East.
09 Jan: Coverage at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal is improving with new Telus 800/1900 MHz, Rogers GSM, and Bell Mobility sites being installed.
04 Jan: Transfer of all image files off Geckobeach.com due to increased bandwidth issues.


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