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International Cellular / PCS Equipment Pictures
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If you live or are visiting a foreign country and are willing to shoot a few pictures of mobile phone equipment, then your photo and name credit could be on one of these pages.

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European Mobile Equipment Pictures

The United Kingdom has several different GSM providers offering services in both the 900 and 1800 MHz bands.
>Residential mobile sites are much more common in Europe and with the dense housing sites are often much closer together than North American standards and cells are kept quite low to avoid interferences between distant sites. These cells were found in a residential neighbourhood of Oxford.

>>More cells above the Oxford Famine Relief Building in Oxford

>Some low-rise building cells in London

VPico cells are very common in Europe. These two pico cells were found on the ceiling at one of the departure lounges at Heathrow.

These are just a few of the cell pictures I have snapped while traveling in Europe in 2002.

VVarious cells on a building in downtown Frankfurt.
>Some GSM cell sites while searching for a place to eat lunch in Paris (or drink wine with a little food?).
>>Some more cell sites in Paris, just above elevated portion of the Metropolitan.

Hamberg, Germany
Mark Yao is a GSM telecommunication engineer that studied in Germany. He sent me these not-so-ordinary pictures of a church balcony in Hamberg.

<Church balcony. Do you see any cells here?
VHidden cell behind balcony fencing.
>Another cell hidden behind false wooden windows that are above the balcony.

Church Cell hidden behind board Cell hidden behind false window

Various Other Europe
Another friend of mine snapped up these pictures on a trip across Europe.

<Cells in Geneva.
VMultiple rooftop cells in Rome.
>Two monopoles in Monaco.

Geneva Rome

Tower and Equipment Pictures

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