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International Cellular / PCS Equipment Pictures
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If you live or are visiting a foreign country and are willing to shoot a few pictures of mobile phone equipment, then your photo and name credit could be on one of these pages.

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Antarctica Mobile Equipment Pictures

Believe it or not, Antarctica actually does have wireless phone services, although they are limited to two networks. A single tower using AMPS technology exists in the Argentinian Antarctic territory at Marambio Base.

In June 2005, the Australian Antarctic Division installed the world's first GSM network at two of their Antarctic research stations, Mawson Station and Casey Station, allowing researchers to connect to the world using their GSM phones (their stations are located due south of India/Madagascar and are typically not visited by tourists).

Beyond these two small networks spanning three stations, communications are pretty much limited to satellite connections and the only thing that comes close to a mobile phone tower might be the radio towers between scientific bases and remote operations. Just leave your mobile at home and enjoy the scenery!

<My Nokia 6188 CDMA phone at Mawson Station, Australian Antarctic Territory, Antarctica. No wonder I'm not getting any service -- the nearest tower is about 5000 km away in either South Africa or Australia! (Picture taken in 2003, prior to GSM installation)

<"Excuse me, but if you guys find any krill for us to eat, would you mind ringing me on my mobile?"


Tower and Equipment Pictures

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