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Bell Mobility Cellular / PCS Equipment Pictures
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Like Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility sites use a GPS antenna on their sites to time the CDMA signal. Bell's GPS antenna looks like a little white traffic cone, whereas most of the older Telus sites are using a similar-sized white antenna that is fatter and flatter in size. Newer Telus sites are using identical GPS antennae to Bell Mobility, so this may not be the best method of site identification. Bell Mobility sometimes also marks their sites with an identification card and/or warning signs (eastern Canada) or a site identification label (both eastern and western Canada; see pictures below).
Some of the suburban Bell sites in the Vancouver region are using either cream or mint green metal cabinets at the base of the cell site. Look for this coloured cabinet and a GPS antenna to help identification.

Make sure to read my opinion of Bell Mobility and see the Comparison Plans page.
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Bell Mobility cell site Bell Mobility cell site << From left to right: Bell installed this site near the corner of the Pat Bay Highway and Haliburton Road, Saanich East in late 2001. This stretch of highway has been difficult for cellular providers to install equipment due to continued protests from residents. Microcell and Rogers have placed similar installations along this stretch after their proposals were rejected (Microcell actually removed an operational monopole site after protests). Telus Mobility compromised and placed CDMA and iDEN cells on a existing Motorola-owned site near the top of Bear Hill.

<Close-up of the 1900 MHz CDMA cells.

>Bell Mobility GPS antenna, found at all CDMA sites. Usually installed inside the equipment enclosure (picture right) on ground sites.

>>Typical Bell equipment enclosure. Often contains three refrigerator-sized beige cabinets and one double-door power distribution cabinet. Bell is also installing motion sensitive lights on a pole (top centre of picture), which can be used to identify their site. The GPS antenna cannot be seen in this picture.

GPS Equipment shelter
<<Out at the Waddling Dog/Quality Inn in Central Saanich you'll find these brick-covered cells on the chimney. Of course from the adjacent highway the cells are easily noticeable.

<Identification of the site, look for either a "B####" or a Bell Mobility tag to identify the site.

>This Bell repeater site is located just south of Main Street Station and just east of Science World in Vancouver East
These are some inside shots of the cabinets used by Bell Mobility for their CDMA equipment. Most of their new sites that are not contained within a trailer use these cabinets and sites typically will have three cabinets.
Bell Mobility cell site Bell Mobility cell site <<Bell Mobility hydro tower cell site near the Galloping Goose trail between the Monkey Tree Pub and Blenkinsop lake, Saanich East. Microcell has a similar install on a hydro tower just south of this one.

<Close-up of the rack on top of the hydro tower.

>Another equipment enclosure with cabinets. The cabinets in the foreground are Bell Mobility; behind in a second enclosure are ex-Clearnet, upgraded Telus Mobility cabinets

>>Some Bell Mobility sites are marked with blue labels, like this one, which can aid in their identification.

Cabinets Identification Label
Bell Mobility Edmonton Bell Mobility Edmonton <<Bell Mobility monopole in the industrial area near 120th street and 109th avenue in Edmonton.

<Close-up of one of the cells on the rack. Both pictures taken by "Big Juan".


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