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Rogers Cellular / PCS Equipment Pictures
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Rogers, like Telus Mobility, often has both digital and analog cells combined on their towers, taking advantage of the older analog towers. Rogers has some of the ugliest towers around, making them easy to spot. Rogers uses at least two different types of 800 MHz cells: the most common ones that are used across Canada are trapezoidal or box-shaped; other less common Rogers PCS cells include longitudinally oval and flat cells (almost making them omnidirectional). Analog cells look like large fluorescent light tubes mounted vertically.
Note Rogers also runs 1900 MHz tdMA and 1900 MHz GSM networks as well. I will add pictures of these cells in the near future.

Make sure to read my opinion of Rogers and see the Comparison Plans page.

PCS cells on Canada Trust Building, downtown Halifax<The most common type of Rogers 800 MHz digital cells on the side of the Canada Trust building in downtown Halifax. I refer to these as either 'box' or 'trapezoidal' cells. Sometimes these cells will have short shielding on either two or four sides, making them look more like a shoebox. Rogers will sometimes try to hide the cells by colouring them to match the building.
Telus Mobility uses similar cells, except that their box cells will usually have large vertical shielding and a GPS antenna nearby.
Arts Club Theatre PCS cells, Vancouver <Rogers directional PCS cells on the Arts Club Theatre, Granville Island, Vancouver.

>Rogers did a nice job of colouring these cells located on the northeast corner of Hemlock and Broadway in Vancouver.

Forest green cells on building at Hemlock and Broadway, Vancouver
Rogers PCS cells, Cypress and Cornwall, Vancouver <More Rogers PCS cells on an office building at the corner of Cypress and Cornwall, Vancouver

>Rogers micro cell located at Cambie and Smithe, downtown Vancouver. This cell is located on a roof-top parking lot. BC Place is to the left of the picture and the Cambie bridge is to the right.

Rogers micro cell, downtown Vancouver
Rogers micro cells, Save'n'Save, Richmond Close up of cell << Rogers micro cells, Accent Inns (used to be called Save'n'Save), Richmond East. Rogers did a really good hiding job of these cells. They look just like poles from the distance and very few people would guess they are actually cellular equipment.

<Close up of micro cell.

Tower across from Elk Lake <Temporary Rogers tower on a telephone pole across from Elk Lake, Central Saanich. Rogers attempted to install a new tower in this area in 1998, but was met by public resistance. Due to continued poor signal strength in this area Rogers has installed this site.

>Rogers cells on Mt. Newton Coast Guard Radar site, North Saanich.

Mount Newton Rogers tower
Tower in NW Calgary close up <Rogers tower behind Joey's Only Restaurant, NW Calgary. Photo credit: Henry Bland.
>Well hidden Rogers microcell on top of church at 49th and Granville, Vancouver West.Church microcell
<Rogers microcell, Renfrew and 1st, Vancouver East. Commonly found at busy intersections, these sites are often unnoticed. Look for two vertical poles, either sky blue or white in colour and a microwave dish. (Added: 19 April 2001)

>Another Rogers microcell, Nanaimo and 1st, Vancouver East. (Added: 19 April 2001)


Tower and Equipment Pictures

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