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Telus Mobility/Clearnet Equipment Pictures
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Telus Mobility/Clearnet cabinets in OttawaTelus Mobility/Clearnet sticker, site in Southlands, VancouverTelus Mobility's cells are often white in colour and either rounded at the front and flat at the back or flat at the back and front. Telus' Mike cells are either white or grey. Sites may be marked as Telus Mobility or may contain a site identification number and a 1-800 number (right). Note that cells depicted on this page are typical of the equipment that Telus is using outside BC and Alberta. For BC and Alberta sites, please see the Telus West page.

Make sure to read my opinion of Telus Mobility and see the Comparison Plans page.

Colwood Corners Microcell monopole, Colwood<Here's a shared Microcell and Telus Mobility site in Colwood. The top cells are Microcell's PCS, underneath these cells there is a space for future PCS cell expansion. Below this there are Telus Mobility 'rounded' PCS cells. At the bottom of this tower there are iDEN cells for Telus Mobility's Mike services.

>Telus' Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna, found at all Telus Mobility sites.
GPS uses a series of satellites to calculate your position (latitude and longitude) down to mm, if necessary. GPS was originally designed for US military use, but now has become commonly used for marine navigation, exploration, cell tower hunting, geocaching, etc.

Clearnet GPS antenna, Glidden Rd Microcell monopole, Saanichton
>These are Telus Mobility 'flat' PCS cells above a condo building just south west of Oakridge shopping centre in Vancouver. Cells are sometimes coloured in an attempt to hide them. Often a brown colour is used on brick building tops, but I have seen pink and gold too.Clearnet brown cells, Condo building at Oakridge Centre, Vancouver
Clearnet cells at Macauley North Apartments, Esquimalt <Telus Mobility Mike (left) and PCS 'rounded' (middle) cells above the Macaulay North Apartments in Esquimalt. Note the fat cells used for Mike services. Mike equipment operates in the 800 MHz frequency and can be seen in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Ontario, and Quebec. Mike sites often share Telus Mobility PCS sites, but due to their lower frequency of operation, they will not be found on all Telus Mobility PCS tower sites.

>Telus Mobility's Mike or iDEN network also requires GPS's. This is an iDEN network GPS with a Motorola sticker on the side.

Clearnet iDEN GPS
>High on top of the old 100.3 The Q building in Saanich sits new PCS and Mike cells. This is a Telus PCS 'flat' cell, with the GPS antenna to the right of it. All Telus Mobility PCS sites will have at least one of these thimble-like shaped Global Positioning System antenna. This building has some roof-top real estate issues as several wireless providers have cells on the roof, along with some other interesting equipment, like the microwave dish on the left side of this picture. Telus Mobility flat cell, LandStar Building, Saanich
Clearnet PCS tower, Ottawa (goes with the cabinet picture at the top of this page<Telus Mobility PCS tower (Ottawa, ON). These are 'flat' cells. The little white antenna just below the middle of this picture is the GPS antenna -- again note the size and shape of the antenna. CDMA (the technology that both Telus Mobility PCS and Mobility PCS use) requires GPS antennae at the site, so if you see a GPS antennae you can narrow down the site to either one of these providers. Telus Mobility's GPS antennae are larger and more upside-down-bowl-shaped.

>Portable Telus Mobility PCS tower (with 'rounded' cells) south west of Victoria General Hospital and just north of the Galloping Goose Trail. Telus Mobility brings out these portable towers on a trailer and then sets them up as a temporary fix until a more permanent site can be found. Telus Mobility calls these things COWs or Cell-On-Wheels. This tower was removed in the spring of 2000 and a hydro tower mount was installed at the Fort Victoria RV park.

COW or Cell-On-Wheels, West Saanich
Clearnet cells at UVic Stadium, East Saanich<Telus Mobility PCS and Mike equipment above the UVic stadium. PCS on top, Mike cells underneath. Note there is a GPS antenna (just to the right of the Mike cells) for each PCS cell. (Added 04 March 2001)

>More Mike cells; these ones are trapizodially-shaped. CIBC building, downtown Victoria.

Clearnet Mike cells, CIBC building, downtown Victoria
<Telus Mobility PCS repeater site on Fell Ave. in North Vancouver. Look for more of these repeater sites to appear in the future (pictures taken by Craig Bowers).
<Telus Mobility PCS repeater on wooden telephone pole, SE corner of Granville and 57th, Vancouver. The diamond cell at the top points south to the well hidden Telus macro sites on 68th and Granville; the cells point north up Granville and east along 57th Ave.

>Telus Mobility PCS cells at Charlesglen Toyota, NW Calgary. Photo credit: Henry Bland.

Clearnet cells in Calgary
>Telus Mobility PCS site at the Sandown Raceway, North Saanich. Telus Mobility used a small observation tower to mount temporary cells to serve Sidney and the Swartz Bay ferry terminal (via a repeater). This site was torn down in 2001 and a new tower was built to house just Mike cells.

>>GPS antenna and PN offset and signal strengths from my phone in field debug mode next to the puddle shown in the tower picture.

Diamond cell<Telus Mobility PCS repeater diamond cell on The Imperial, Lakeshore road, Kelowna.

>Telus Mobility PCS cells at the Okanagan University College, Kelowna. Both photos taken by Chad Gartley.

OUC cells
<Oh no, a sailboat ran into the pier in White Rock! No, but it sure looks like a good spot to mount real cells on a fake mast. Photo credits: Steve Hurdle.

>Telus Mobility PCS repeater at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, North Saanich. This site was removed in May 2002 and a Bell Mobility full macro site was installed in its place.


Tower and Equipment Pictures

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