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Telus Mobility Cellular / PCS Equipment Pictures
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Telus Mobility often has both digital and analog cells combined on their towers, taking advantage of the older analog towers. Often Telus will use existing building roof tops or microwave towers to erect their sites. All Telus Mobility PCS sites will have a GPS antenna nearby, but you might have to look carefully to find it. Note that this page shows Telus equipment that is typical of installs in BC and Alberta. Installs in the rest of Canada typically follow what is found on the Telus Mobility (East) page.

Make sure to read my opinion of Telus Mobility and see the Comparison Plans page.

Telus monopole, Terminal Ave, Vancouver Telus monopole, Terminal Ave, Vancouver << From left to right: Science World (old Expo 86 centre), Skytrain, Telus Monopole, Telus equipment shelter, my bike. Located along Terminal Ave. in Vancouver, this site serves traffic coming into downtown Vancouver and the Main Street Skytrain station. Other providers in this area have mounted their cells on buildings.

<Close-up of the cell array. Note the 800 and 1900 (thin white) CDMA cells.

>Located about 1300 m west of the site above, this monopole serves traffic around Science World, BC Place, GM Place, False creek, and the Plaza of Nations. Telus Monopole
<Telus cells above a car dealership and office building near the corner of Burrard and Cornwall in Vancouver.

>This beautiful roof mount belongs to Telus and hosts AMPS and 800, 1900 CDMA equipment and is located on the corner of McKenzie and Broadway, Vancouver West. Note the area behind the building is zoned residential.

<Telus 800 and 1900 CDMA cells on the roof of the 1st Avenue Marketplace, located at Renfrew and 1st Ave., Vancouver East. Telus Mobility has placed a lot of these low-mounted cells throughout East Vancouver.
<Mt. Washington, on Vancouver Island, is covered by both Telus Mobility and Rogers Wireless service. This is the tower behind the general store near the entrance to the alpine ski area.
Back of 100.3 The Q building<Telus digital cells, high above the 57th floor of the old 100.3 The Q's Rock 'n' Roll Resource Centre (this building must have 51 underground floors). 3800 Block of Carey Road at Pat Bay Highway, Saanich.

>Front view of the same building. In addition to Telus cells on the roof there are also Rogers, Bell and Telus Mike cells here.

Front of 100.3 The Q building
<Outside cities Telus will quite often use existing towers to place cells on. This site is just outside Nanaimo.

>Peaking through the fence might give you a good idea of who has equipment at the site. Hydro meters are usually marked with the provider's name. Microcell also has equipment on this Telus site.
Both pictures by Mason Salmon

<Hidden cells (Telus and other providers) on south Granville in Vancouver. These installs are common to prevent people seeing the cells. (Added 17 July 2002)

>Telus Mobility PCS tower in Colwood. Note the Osprey nest between the three cell arms!

Colwood Telus tower
Telus cells on top of microwave tower, Telus building, downtown Victoria <Telus 'box' cells. These are often vertically shielded and are grey in appearance. Rogers uses a similar cell, but their box cells may not may not be shielded (shielded cells have much shorter shielding and on all four sides). This site is on the Telus building, downtown Victoria.

>Telus cells on Mayne Island. Note the GPS in the upper right corner.

Mayne Island Telus cells
Telus cells at Centennial Stadium, University of Victoria Telus cells at Centennial Stadium, University of Victoria <Telus 1900 'slim' (left side of both pictures) and 800 'fat' (right side of both pictures) MHz CDMA cells at University of Victoria. As a bonus there is an omnidirectional AMPS (analog) cell in the top middle of each digital cell array.
Look for a white GPS antenna just left of the 800 MHz cells on the far left picture.
Telus trailer Telus cells << Telus trailer behind Telus building, NW corner of #3 road and Cambie, Richmond West.

<Close up of cells.

>Telus GPS antenna, found at all digital sites.

>> Telus cells on Mt. Newton, North Saanich. The digital cell on the right is shielded (thus reducing its azimuth); the digital cell on the left is unshielded. Note the omnidirectional blue Telus Mike cells located on this tower.

GPS Telus cells
Telus cells at Arcadia, UBC, Vancouver Inside of base station << Telus newer box cells on left, older wing-like cells on right. These cells are being used for both analog and digital services. Picture taken on top of Arcadia residence, UBC, Vancouver.

<Want to know what the inside of a cell site or base station looks like?

Telus cells <Telus cells in Calgary, AB. This site is located at the Telus exchange building on 85th St N.W., Crowfoot. Photo credit: Henry Bland.

>Telus Mobility uses Nortel (Northern Telecom) Equipment.

Nortel CDMA
Telus cells <Portable Telus cell tower in Vanier Park, Vancouver. This site was installed in the summer of 2000 for Vancouver's annual Symphony of Fire. During these international displays of fireworks on summer evenings over a hundred thousand people crowd into English Bay. Many wireless calls (estimates up to 95-98%) fail to go though on some networks during these events since the nearby cell towers become overloaded. Telus was the only provider to try to reduce this failure rate by installing portable towers. Photo credit: Steve Hurdle.

>More Telus 800 MHz 'fat' cells at the Open Learning Agency in Burnaby. The GPS antenna cannot be seen in this picture.

Telus fat cells at OLA in Burnaby

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