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Tower and Equipment Pictures
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Learn more about what cellular transmission towers look like and what equipment each provider is using.

Telus Mobility Logo
Photo album of some Telus Mobility (West) sites.Cellular tower
Telus Mobility site along the east-west connector, Richmond, BC
Mike Logo
Photo album of both Telus Mobility (East) and Telus Mike sites across Canada.
Bell Mobility Logo
Photo album of some Bell Mobility sites across Canada. This includes Virgin Mobile.
Rogers Logo
Photo album of some Rogers sites across Canada.
Fido Logo
Photo album of Fido sites across Canada. This includes Fido, Cityfone, and SimPro.

Photo album of assorted cell sites from Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Central America, South America, Africa and Antarctica.

A little dated, but an introduction to what cellular sites look like and how to notice differences between providers.

Tower and Equipment Pictures

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