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International Cellular / PCS Equipment Pictures
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If you live or are visiting a foreign country and are willing to shoot a few pictures of mobile phone equipment, then your photo and name credit could be on one of these pages.

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Middle East Mobile Equipment Pictures

Jordan has excellent mobile (GSM) coverage throughout the western portions of the country and along desert highways leading north to Syria, South to Saudi Arabia, and east to Iraq. Mobile phones are relatively expensive and airtime rates are high as well, but many people own phones.
>Mobile site on a hill in Madaba.
>The King's Highway travels along the Dead Sea from Amman to Wadi Musa (Petra). This solar mobile cell site overlooks a deep gorge and provides excellent service along the stretch of highway traveling up and down this canyon.
>>Close-up of solar cell site.
>In Aquaba they have a neat set of repeater cells along the streets that feed to a centralized site. Located on a transmission tower next to the post office you can find the central site for some of the street cells.
>Two street cell repeaters. One cell points to post office transmission site and other cell continues south along beach walk.

Egypt also has excellent mobile (GSM) coverage along the Nile and between centres. Even in the middle of the Sinai along the highway you will be able to use your phone.

>Typical cell site mounted on a building near old Cairo. Sites are often not hidden and are easy to spot.

>Cell tower just north of central Luxor on the east bank of the Nile.
>Building mounted cell site at Ataba Station / Opera Square in Cairo (look at the middle right of the picture for the cell). This little square is a great place to take a break from Cairo's traffic.


Tower and Equipment Pictures

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