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International Cellular / PCS Equipment Pictures
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If you live or are visiting a foreign country and are willing to shoot a few pictures of mobile phone equipment, then your photo and name credit could be on one of these pages.

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South American Cellular Pictures

tdMA cells, Quito, Ecuador
tdMA cells, Quito, Ecuador Ecuador
In Ecuador landline phones are expensive and instead many people carry around cell phones on either the Porta or Bell South AMPS/tdMA networks. Airtime is about US$0.30-$0.50 per minute and includes all long distance within the country. When calling a cell phone from a land line you are charged the equivalent per minute airtime on top of the local wireline per minute charge. Needless to say phone conversations aren't cheap and are kept to a minimum. Maybe I got a few funny looks taking pictures of cell towers in Ecuador, but no more than what I get here.

<> Typical tower mounted AMPS/tdMA cells in Quito.

<Cell tower in Cuenca.
>Cellular payphone outside a cell phone store in Quito. Note the ad for pre-paid cellular to the right.

tdMA cells, Cuenca, Ecuador VRooftop tripod mounted cells in Quito.

tdMA cells, Quito, Ecuador

Cellular payphone, Quito, Ecuador

Tower and Equipment Pictures

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