Record of Site Changes: 1999
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Dec 30/99: My first Clearnet PCS repeater sighting in Vancouver West at Granville and 57th Ave.
Dec 30/99: Telus 1.9 GHz tower at Vancouver airport (Richmond West) can be roamed on by entering *22805 on any CDMA 1.9 GHz phone. There are two offsets that I obtained from this tower: 028 and 352. I assume that the southern offset is 180? Note that this tower's footprint only covers south-west Vancouver and parts of Richmond.
Dec 30/99: Mapped Richmond West. New cell locations for Telus, Clearnet PCS, and Microcell Connexions.
Dec 30/99: Mapped Clearnet PN offsets and new Microcell sites for Delta North and West Surrey.
Dec 30/99: Mapped Clearnet PN offsets for more of Vancouver East.
Dec 30/99: New cell pictures for Telus, Cantel, Clearnet, and Microcell.
Dec 22/99: Added more Clearnet PCS sites and offsets for Lethbridge, AB.
Dec 20/99: Clearnet PCS goes digital in Lethbridge, AB.
Dec 14/99: Added known Telus Mobility sites for Calgary SW and Calgary SE.
Dec 13/99: Victoria's first Clearnet PCS repeater found in Colwood.
Dec 12/99: More info on the Nokia 6185/8 *2280x commands.
Dec 07/99: Added Calgary maps, but no sites yet.
Dec 06/99: Woo hoo... Clearnet PCS picks up my local airtime for the day.
Dec 03/99: New info about CDMA field test screen 8 on Nokia 6185/8.
Dec 03/99: Added more Clearnet PCS PN offsets for Kelowna.
Dec 01/99: First confirmed Clearnet PCS cell site in Kelowna.
Nov 29/99: Added Clearnet PCS PN offsets for Halifax.
Nov 29/99: Clearnet PCS now digital in Nanaimo.
Nov 29/99: Clearnet Mike now available in Nanaimo.
Nov 28/99: Added Nanaimo South and Nanaimo North maps.
Nov 27/99: Added Kelowna and Westbank maps.
Nov 25/99: Rumour has it that Clearnet PCS launched digital services in Kelowna on Sunday Nov 21. Can anyone confirm this?
Nov 22/99: New pictures on Telus Mobility equipment pictures page.
Nov 21/99: Added Microcell tower ID numbers to Victoria, Saanich East, Saanich West, and Western Communities, and Central Saanich.
Nov 19/99: Added new FAQ on determining Microcell CID's on maps.
Nov 19/99: Added Microcell tower ID numbers to Vancouver West, Vancouver East, Richmond East, and Ladner.
Nov 18/99: Telus Mobility cell site tour, UBC.
Nov 17/99: New Microcell repeater on Triangle Mountain, Colwood.
Nov 15/99: Updated Telus page to include pictures of available handsets.
Nov 15/99: Updated Clearnet PCS page to include info on Halifax coverage.
Nov 14/99: Clearnet PCS now digital in Halifax.
Nov 11/99: Reviewed Clearnet's new Sanyo SCP 4000.
Nov 09/99: Reviewed Fido's new Mitsubishi G75.
Nov 08/99: Clearnet launches Mike services in Alberta. See the official coverage map here.
Nov 05/99: Updates to Fido page with listing and pictures of available PCS phones.
Nov 05/99: Updates to Clearnet page to account for Mike services launch in Alberta and listing and pictures of available PCS phones.
Nov 04/99: Added commercial links to Links page.
Nov 04/99: Updates to both Cantel and Telus Mobility pre-paid plan comparsions.
Nov 01/99: Presentation to the UBC Amateur Radio Society on cell phones.
Oct 10-31/99: Checking out cell phones and towers in Ecuador. If you have a 800 MHz tdMA and/or AMPS phone, you can use it there on either Bell South Mobility or Porta, but the per minute prices are expensive. There's even cellular pay phones!
Oct 06/99: New article: Establishing a Wireless Network.
Oct 01/99: Changed LE counter to UltimateCounter. Easier to read, but has advertisement. Comments?
Sep 29/99: Updated PCS comparison page and Clearnet PCS page with new Clearnet rates.
Sep 29/99: Updated Pre-paid page with new Fidomatic card values and Mitsubishi phone.
Sep 27/99: Cool! My first white conical pico cell spotted in Toronto Int'l Airport, terminal 3, next to bank of pay phones.
Sep 27/99: Potential Clearnet and Microcell sites added to Halifax and Dartmouth.
Sep 27/99: Clearnet starting to put up sites in Halifax? New monopole complete with Clearnet-like equipment trailer spotted just south of the airport (no maps yet).
Sep 27/99: New MT&T digital only site, Barrington square, Halifax.
Sep 22/99: This site is featured in The Province/Canlinks Hot Site Index for September 22/99.
Sep 20/99: Updates and additions to the Nokia secrets page.
Sep 16/99: Clearnet PCS goes digital in Windsor, ON. See Windsor West and Windsor East for cell locations.
Sep 15/99: Added field test info for the Nokia 6120.
Sep 15/99: Added info on where to get the Flashing Antenna for the 6185/8.
Sep 13/99: New pictures added to Microcell and Clearnet cell pixs pages.
Sep 13/99: Updated FAQ's on using alternative long distance providers on cell phones.
Sep 09/99: Switched BC Tel Mobility page over to Telus Mobility.
Sep 08/99: Updated new prices for Fido.
Sep 08/99: Added analog forcing info for 6185/8.
Sep 03/99: Added Victoria/Nanaimo Corridor map.
Aug 31/99: Common problems with the 6185/8 added.
Aug 31/99: Corrections to the Mayne Island tower configurations, Southern Gulf Islands.
Aug 31/99: Updates to Windsor West map.
Aug 31/99: New link in Links page.
Aug 25/99: Clearnet PCS goes digital in Abbotsford.
Aug 24/99: Official launch of http://geckobeach.14u.org/ cellular/pcs sites database.
Aug 23/99: Updates to Windsor East and Windsor West cell sites.
Aug 17/99: Clearnet PCS now in testing phase in Abbotsford, digital services will be online very soon!
Aug 17/99: Cantel tdMA cells along Pat Bay Hwy at Cordova Bay Rd, Central Saanich.
Aug 9-16/99: Almost all pages updated over the last week.
Aug 16//99: Added Windsor, ON maps: West Windsor and East Windsor.
Aug 5/99: Added Cantel SID's to Strait of Georgia map.
Aug 5/99: Updates to FAQ page.
July 31/99: Updates to cell locations in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Deep Cove.
July 31/99: Updates to Cityfone comments.
July 26/99: Added site submission form.
July 23/99: Westcomm declares Bankruptcy and MiFone customers are now stuck with locked phones. See the full story here.
July 22/99: Added Strait of Georgia map.
July 20/99: Updates to Nokia 6188 secrets.
July 20/99: More and more Cantel pico cells are appearing in East Saanich.
July 17/99: Updates and corrections to Nokia 6188 secrets and Mike/Nextel secrets.
July 17/99: Updates to the following Vancouver maps: Vancouver downtown, Vancouver west, Vancouver east, Richmond east, Ladner, Burnaby north, Delta south, and Fraser Valley 1.
July 17/99: Added new Cantel pico cell locations to Saanich East map.
July 17/99: Updated Links page.
July 13/99: Updates and corrections to Saanich East map.
July 13/99: Updates to Links page.
July 11/99: Clearnet PCS works in Port Angeles, WA using Victoria tower.
July 11/99: Clearnet PCS drops price of Say When phone to $99 and monthly service fee to $2.50.
July 07/99: Mobility pricing updates on the Nokia 6185.
July 06/99: Transfer of new site to GeckoBeach complete. Directory structures have been updated and therefore all files have also been relocated.
July 01/99: A new domain has been created to hold this site. The site will be hosted by the folks at Aerohost.com. The site will be moved within the next couple of days.
*** Site relocated to GeckoBeach.com from Geocities.com -- links below this are from the old site structure and therefore will not work ***
June 27/99: Updates to Nokia 6185/6188 Test Mode.
June 22/99: Site sets new daily unique record of 668 hits (1722 total hits including reloads).
June 19/99: Updates to Nokia 6185/6188 Test Mode.
June 16/99: Added Nokia 6185/6188 Review.
June 16/99: Added Nokia 6185/6188 Test Mode.
June 10/99: Added Review of Qualcomm 860/1960 page.
June 07/99: Added Wireless Glossary page.
June 01/99: Added info on SP-lock to FAQ page.
June 01/99: Updated Fido info page with FidoData information.
May 27/99: A slow day updating minor points of various pages. Last night while out biking the Goose my body decided to fly into a ditch filled with big sharp rocks and mud. Within an hour I find myself at Victoria General waiting for emergency treatment on several deep cuts all over my body. Listen kids, if you don't think wearing a helmet is cool, I'll be glad to send you what's left of mine to convince you otherwise. Also, always take a cell phone with you -- my friend's phone sure came in handy last night. While outside awaiting a ride home after treatment I admire VGH's rabbit overpopulation problem while watching the sun set behind a Clearnet tower.
May 24/99: Updated BCTM info page.
May 24/99: Updated Cantel info page.
May 24/99: Updated PCS comparison chart page.
May 24/99: Two new pico cells in Saanich East.
May 20/99: Updated Clearnet PCS page and comments on pre-paid services.
May 19/99: Updated pre-paid page and added info about Clearnet PCS pre-paid.
May 13/99: Uploaded new files from 2nd major site overhaul. Most pages have been updated.
Apr.29/99: Added test mode screen 1 of 7 to the Nokia secrets page
Apr.27/99: Updated Fido page to include info on FidoPro
Apr.27/99: Updated BC Tel Mobility page with new Freedom 300 plan
Apr.26/99: Site sets a new record of 116 unique hits and a total of 505 unique and reload hits within a single day!
Apr.25/99: Updated PCS comparison page to include FidoPro rates
Apr.24/99: Added Clearnet PCS offsets for Mayne Island (Tsawwassen - Victoria ferry). This tower is part of the Victoria service area.
Apr.24/99: Added new Cantel SID's for Strait of Georgia.
Apr.13/99: Updated Clearnet PCS digital footprint map of Victoria.
Apr.11/99: Correction: Clearnet PCS and Mike cells at Royal Jubilee Hospital, not the Rockland, Victoria
Apr.11/99: Added Nokia Secrets page
Apr.09/99: Clearnet fully activates PCS towers along Pat Bay Hwy (#17) from Victoria to Sidney and the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal
Apr.08/99: Cantel proposes a new tower at Bear Hill, Central Saanich. BCTM, Microcell, Clearnet PCS, and Clearnet Mike would lease space from Cantel to put up cellular transmission equipment
Apr.08/99: Updated Cityfone Comments
Apr.07/99: Updated Clearnet PCS Field Debug Menu in FAQ's
Apr.06/99: Starting to add Clearnet PCS offset maps for Vancouver, Richmond, Ladner, and West Vancouver.
Apr.05/99: New Cantel pictures added.
Apr.05/99: Added picture of pico cell and info on Pacific Centre Mall page
Mar.31/99: Updates to pre-paid plans regarding Cantel's PAYG.
Mar.28/99: Clearnet Mike and PCS cells, CIBC building, downtown Victoria.
Mar.26/99: Clearnet PCS starting to activate PCS towers between Royal Oak and ferry terminal, Victoria.
Mar.26/99: Updates to Victoria Clearnet PCS coverage.
Mar.24/99: Added Vancouver Pacific Centre pico cell maps for Cantel analog.
Mar.18/99: Updates to FAQ regarding US roaming.
Mar.17/99: Added North Coquitlam equipment map
Mar.17/99: Added North Vancouver East equipment map
Mar.17/99: Added South Delta / White Rock equipment map
Mar.16/99: Added Langley / Southeast Surrey equipment map
Mar.16/99: Added Pitt Meadows / Northeast Surrey equipment map
Mar.15/99: New Clearnet monopole to hold PCS cells, northwest of intersection of Mt. Newton X and Pat Bay, Central Saanich
Mar.14/99: New Mike cells on Clearnet site BC215, just south of Victoria General Hospital, Saanich West
Mar.13/99: New monopole at 2750 Quadra, Victoria (one block north of Quadra and Hillside). Cantel?
Mar.10/99: New equipment pictures added: BC Tel Mobility, Cantel AT&T, Clearnet, Microcell.
Mar.08/99: Added Halifax Regional maps: Halifax, Dartmouth, and Bedford
Mar.08/99: Updates to Clearnet PCS and Mike Tips pages.
Feb.28/99: Links and Misc pages added to remove clutter from main page
Feb.25/99: Added Clearnet Mike / Nextel iDEN Test Mode page.
Feb.25/99: Clearnet installs cells and equipment at Gliddon Rd. site, Central Saanich.
Feb.22/99: Added Whistler Area map. Still need to add a few more sites...
Feb.21/99: New Microcell cells at Luther Court, Saanich East
Feb.17/99: Updated PCS Comparison pages
Feb.08/99: New BC Tel Mobility Pictures
Feb.08/99: New Clearnet Pictures
Feb.08/99: New Microcell Pictures
Feb.07/99: Added Cellular Equipment ID Guide
Feb.03/99: Updates to Clearnet Victoria services page
Jan.23/99: Confirmed new BC Tel PCS cells at north end of UVic stadium, Saanich East.
Jan.21/99: Added Clearnet PCS Tips and Secrets page


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