Record of Site Changes: 2004
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04 September: Added LG 325 review.
04 August: New pictures on the Asian cellular equipment page.
12 July: Updates to the Pre-Paid and Monthly plans comparison pages, including updates for Virgin Mobile.
04 July: Site overhaul complete. This includes a new layout format and various updates to several of the pages (too numerous to list here) plus some fixing of issues with some pages that were not displaying properly in IE, FF, or Netscape. Most pages have also been reformatted using new fonts and spacing, so everything should now be easier to both read and print. Hope everyone enjoys the changes!
30 Nov: Added article on Rogers' purchase of Microcell.
18 Nov: CityFido launches in Montréal.
13 Oct: Bell Mobility double install, Gorge Road East, Saanich.
07 Oct: Updates to Samsung Secrets page.
07 Oct: Updates to LG Secrets page.
07 Oct: Updates to Motorola Secrets page.
07 Oct: Updates to Ericsson Secrets page.
01 Oct: Added LG 3200 review (Thanks ejohan).
02 Sep: Various updates to Surrey maps.
13 Aug: Rogers 850/1900 MHz GSM, Saanich East.
04 Aug: Added Nokia 6225 review (Thanks ejohan).
03 Aug: New Bell Mobility cellular transmission equipment pictures.
03 Aug: Telus now offers 800 MHz CDMA in Quatsino Sound on Northern Vancouver Island.
03 Aug: Updates to Ottawa, Hull North, and Nepean North cell site maps.
03 Aug: Added My Comments on Virgin Mobile page.
18 July: Updates to Monthly Plan Comparison pages.
15 July: Added Phone Unlocking article.
12 July: Added LG TM250 review (Thanks ejohan).
06 July: Added Samsung A660/VI660 review (Thanks ejohan).
02 July: Discounted page for Zero Gravity as they are no longer wireless GSM offering services to new customers; existing customers are not affected.
22 June: Updates to both East Vancouver and East Richmond maps.
01 June: Updates to marine coverage maps for the Strait of Georgia and Northern Vancouver Island.
01 June: New cellular transmission equipment pictures for Tunisia, Morocco, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe on the African Cell Pixs page.
01 June: New Telus Mobility cellular transmission equipment pictures.
01 June: New Bell Mobility cellular transmission equipment pictures.
01 June: Updates to North Vancouver (East) map (thanks ejohan).
01 June: Updates to Kelowna and Westbank maps (thanks Chad).
01 June: Updates to many of the Victoria area cellular transmission maps.
01 June: Updates to Lethbridge map.
20 May: After having a successful launch of "CityFido: Home and Mobile Service" in Vancouver, Fido launches CityFido in Toronto.
13 May: Telus offers $1.1 billion to Microcell (Fido) shareholders. Microcell stock climbs 49% the following day.
23 Apr: Updates to Rogers pre-paid rates.
19 Apr: Updates to Links page.
12 Mar: Updates to Kelowna, Westbank, and Richmond West maps.
18 Feb: Fido joins other service providers and now offers discounts on new handset purchases with a "24-month Fido Agreement", also known in the industry as a contract.
18 Feb: Updates to Fido's CityFido rates (up $5 to $45/month for Vancouver residents).
18 Feb: Updates to Telus Mobility's pre-paid plan costs.
09 Feb: Telus Mobility responds to CityFido with their own landline free plan called Talk 45 for Vancouver residents.
08 Feb: Bell Mobility micro and Telus AMPS updates on North Vancouver (East) map.
06 Feb: Updates to Telus opinion page and Pre-paid plans page.
05 Feb: GeckoBeach launches it's brand new online community, GeckoBeachForums.com, for the discussion of cellular and mobile phones.
30 Jan: Something big will be happening at GeckoBeach this Thursday, so make sure to stay tuned for more details...
18 Jan: Bell Mobility CDMA 1900 MHz, intersection of Ash, Shelbourne, and Cordova Bay roads, Mt. Doug Park (provides coverage south to Gordon Head), Saanich East.
18 Jan: Rogers AT&T GSM 850/1900 MHz, hill west of Camosun Interurban campus on hydro tower, Saanich West.
18 Jan: Bell Mobility CDMA 1900 MHz, hill east of Camosun Interurban campus on microwave tower, Saanich West.
12 Jan: Added Territories roaming numbers.
12 Jan: Added Newfoundland roaming numbers.
12 Jan: Added Prince Edward Island roaming numbers.
12 Jan: Added New Brunswick roaming numbers.
12 Jan: Added Nova Scotia roaming numbers.
11 Jan: Added Quebec roaming numbers.
04 Jan: Added new search engine.
01 Jan: Start of conversion of site contents from HTML files to ASP files. This will allow dynamic pages to be generated plus allow customization of pages for visitors from different regions.


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