Record of Site Changes: 2005
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29 December: GeckoBeach.com moves to a new server. Since 1998 GeckoBeach.com was hosted by Aerohost.com, but now the website will sit on the same server as the GeckoBeachForums.com website. All pages updated to PHP format from ASP format. New search engine installed.
08 October: Fido increases their long distance rates from 10¢/min to 20¢/min.
18 September: Added Choosing a VoIP Service Provider.
11 September: Added LG 2000 review.
30 June: Updates to the Fido opinion page, CityFido options.
21 June: Updates to the Roaming numbers page.
31 May: Updates to the Fido opinion page.
31 May: New look for the Reviews page.
21 May: Added Nokia 6620 review.
21 May: Added Motorola V635 review.
23 Apr: Added Danger HipTop2/SideKick II review.
04 Apr: Rogers GSM, Vantreight Farms, Central Saanich map.
25 Mar: Updates to the North Vancouver East map.
25 Mar: Updates to the Richmond west map.
03 Mar: Updates to Virgin Mobile opinion page.
02 Mar: Virgin Mobile launches in Canada using Bell Mobility's CDMA network.
21 Jan: Updates to the pre-paid plans comparison page.
17 Jan: Updates to the monthly plans comparison page.
07 Jan: Updates to the links page.
04 Jan: Aliant Mobility CDMA, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth.
02 Jan: Rogers GSM, Queen Victoria Hotel, Victoria.


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